Peter, Denver

I saw the unexpected

It was Peter's first time following the Fraternity Exercises. What stuck in his mind was how much we need Christ to break through. A few days later he went to dinner at "My Father's House", a non-profit organisation that supports men on parole...

I am now looking back to April 18, right after the Fraternity Exercises. It was my first time going. I am not a part of the Fraternity, but was invited to join digitally. I want to share my experience of the Exercises and a judgment I made. My heart was moved the weekend of the Exercises. At the exercises, we talked about the need for the unexpected. Our need for Christ to break through in reality so we do not confine our life and problems to our preconceptions. Our need for the unexpected to answer our questions.

Right after the exercises, I went for dinner at "My Father's House," a non-profit focused on housing and supporting men as they come out of prison on parole. MFH rents them a room, provides companionship as well as support in getting their documents, a job, a car, and a more permanent home. The goal is to provide a face of hope to these men as they start their lives over. MFH regularly hosts dinners where the men and friends of MFH all eat together and hang out. At MFH I met the unexpected.

That night I talked to David, who told me about his dream to be a sci-fi writer one day. He currently is not allowed to write because of all of his parole restrictions. He would have to get permission to write anything. This man who is just come out of prison and will probably never have a life in the way I will (at least on a superficial level), whose outlook, if he allowed it to be so, could be very bleak, is dreaming! He is dreaming of accomplishing something amazing and something he loves one day, after everything he has been through.

Another man there, Michael, told me that his weekend was great because he woke up and that is a blessing.

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Seeing these men, whose difficult circumstances we know well, who are grateful, joyful, and in whom dreams are alive, I saw the unexpected. How many times do I ignore my dreams, desires, and the beauty of reality because I am tired or annoyed, or do not get a small thing I want?

This is what I need. I am just amazed. How can I go back to my job, my week, my house the same?

Pete, Denver, Colorado