Letters - 2021 - Page 4

Fr. Pigi Bernareggi

My "beginning" with Bernareggi


Dino Quartana, a Dominican in Paris, recounts his meeting with the recently deceased missionary, and Fr. Giussani’s arrival at the Berchet. "It was a mysterious friendship. What he is living now is what he was already living before."

Mireille Yoga at the Edimar Center in Yaoundé, Cameroon

"The same things I live for”


An initiative for the AVSI Tents Campaign that due to the pandemic had to be thought out in a new format. Yet it surprised everyone, from the organizers to the three hundred people connected online to listen to our friend Mireille from Cameroon.

Photo: Unsplash/Max Delsid

A cooking class from “another world”


No live Christmas crib in the square this year to support AVSI Tents. Why not call a friend who is a chef for an online class and still collect donations?