Morning mass

The path chosen each morning

"To live the real intensely". Starting from this provocation and a deep desire, a group of high school students began going to Mass before school each morning, as recounted by Filippo.

One day I came across a phrase by Fr. Giussani that made me reflect on the challenge I face as a student: "Every morning we are forced to choose between an everything that ends in nothingness [...] and life that has a purpose.” When I read these words it became immediately clear to me that the desire to live reality intensely cannot be mine alone. Thus I tried to meet a friend with whom I could really identify humanly. By this I mean someone who understands my desire in its entirety, to its original meaning, namely my relationship with Destiny.

I picked up the phone and called Daniele, a friend from GS. He too, like me, was anxious about having to start our final year of school without someone to help him make that comparison with his experience. Thus, thinking back to the spiritual retreat we had during Lent, we realized that the only thing that can withstand all our daily compromises is the Eucharist. We approached Serena, the leader of our GS group in Sanremo, and suggested that we go to mass every morning before school. Talking to her we realised that we were doing it “to tear out from our friends, and if it were possible the whole world, the nothingness in which every man finds themselves,” and so it was.

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Other young people, although they are often not aware of it, share this desire for beauty, truth, and justice. And this desire is always there, every day. We just need someone to help us look for it, or simply to look for it with us. It is a method. After a few weeks of organization, on Monday 25 October, at 7 a.m., at the church of San Luigi Orione, which is opposite our high school, the Bishop, Monsignor Antonio Suetta, celebrated the first mass for about fifteen students and teachers. How can one not have hope in front of a group of friends, even if there are only a few of them, with whom to entrust the struggle of studying? During the celebration I understood numbers do not matter for the Church; what matters, and what above all generate our yes in response to the matter of faith, is being there, aware of the original phenomenon, that is Christ. And it is original because only One person in history has said: "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life". And we, every morning, want to follow this path to salvation.

Filippo, Sanremo, Italy