Letters - 2020 - Page 2

The children in Boston with Fr. Marcel

The Power of Forgiveness


Amy shares what happened when friends gathered to hear the witness of Fr. Marcel, a survivor of the Rwandan genocide.

The vacation of the Ugandan community

Uganda: “My perfect imperfections”


Spending the afternoon in the hotel working or taking the community vacation proposal seriously, starting with a few hours of games together? This was Mauro's choice and the story of what he discovered.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant and that burning question


The death of the American basketball player vibrated among the students of a Milanese technical institute. Between dialogues and discussions in class, nothing seems to add up. The question ‘why?’ remains, and it cannot be shut out.

Paraguay: when the heart overlooks the ocean


The CL young workers’ holiday in the mountains, which are reflected in the Atlantic. A beauty before their eyes that ignites a certain nostalgia and, at the same time, a fullness.

“Without Him we cannot do anything”


A letter from the retreat with Fr. Carrón in the UK, which recounts the experience of a family that is discovering what really corresponds to their desire.

Silvia in Parintins

Brazil: friendship along the river


A few days of vacation are an opportunity for Silvia to go to the Amazon to visit some friends who had ignited curiosity in her. This is what she brought home from Parintins.

USA: Follow Through


John recounts how the proposal of studying the Risk of Education via ZOOM helped him to understand slowly that he wants "to be willing to allow obedience to Christ to overcome the fickleness of my feelings."

Andrea, Giulia, and friends

Christmas in Texas: He is Here


"We have lived the truer part of Christmas: Christ made flesh here and now, God with us through the flesh of our friends.”

The "Christmas Mission" of the CL community in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires: A greeting that everyone needs


The CL community of Buenos Aires was in their diocese's “Christmas Mission”. A simple gesture: handing out small images of the nativity and greeting those passers-by who are caught up in a frenzy during the holiday period.

Fr. Luca Bolelli

Cambodia: "You must call me ‘daughter’”


Twelve years of mission on the banks of the Mekong River. Where, one face after another, you discover that you are only yourself in a relationship. After returning to Italy, a PIME missionary recounts his experience in Cambodia.

The community of Helsinki

Finland: A surprising preference


After living in Finland for three years, Giuseppe perceives a preference for his life through the companionship of the Church, and recognizes his need for a place that he can call Home.

Christmas dinner with Marianna and the other Erasmus students

Brazil: Christmas without masks


Mass and dinner in a parish in the center of São Paulo, with some of the thousands of people who live on the street and who, before God, "do not hide who they are".

Andrea Monda with Pope Francis

"Joy allows us to face everything"


A group of Italian high school students met Andrea Monda, director of the Osservatore Romano, in Rome. He answered some of their questions.