Letters - 2020 - Page 2

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"A companionship to sustain my yes"


Hospitalization, therapy… and in between the Beginning of the Year Day and a bit of reading. A relationship that “even those around us notice...”

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What Saves Me From Nothingness


Melissa recounts how her solitude after the death of her parents has awakened her desire for Christ. "It is not sunshine and roses; instead it is funerals and COVID. Yet I know this is given to me."

A church in flames in Santiago

Chile: Love that makes you breathe


The explosion of violence in the country, with the burning of two churches. "An attack on the living community," said a politician. What allows us to face it? What can transform the world?

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A Narrow Path?


Maria's children asked her and her husband to remain in strict isolation until the pandemic is over or there is a vaccine. The unexpected outcome.

Venezuela: Those eyes you cannot forget


During the period of confinement, Carlos began to participate in charitable work in his parish. There he meets gazes and stories that intercept his need to be loved, and which set his "I" in motion.

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I Want to Be Happy Now


Having just learned of her father's cancer, Silvia meets with friends and discovers the freedom to tell Christ exactly what she wants.

Baku, Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan: The miracle of our beginning


As the war continues, communication with foreign countries have cut off and schools have closed because of Covid, the CL community in Baku gathered for the Beginning of the Year Day.

The Beginning of the Year Day in Baku
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A well of fresh water


Nicola had gone to meet the GS students without expecting anything. But a phrase by Chesterton about “answering riddles” took flesh. “I can quench my thirst again.”

Santa Fe, Argentina

Argentina: Paradise at home, even with Covid


A host of negative circumstances made Monica cry out: “You cannot ask me for more.” Reality gave no respite, but invited her to look, and to discover the caresses of certain “angels” that began to appear.

The CL community in Cuba (before Covid)

Cuba: The truth that gives meaning to everything


More than from the pandemic, people are suffering from a lack of food. On the island, life is a daily struggle. A climate of uncertainty and anger dominates. In the midst of this is the light of School of Community via Whatsapp chat.

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A new lens


When Steph moved to Minnesota with her family, she felt overwhelmed with stress and resentment. While attending the International Assembly with others, her heart began to revive.

Kids who, without asking, ask for everything


A substitute teacher with children to take to preschool, who gets called at the very last minute in the midst of an endless number of anti-Covid rules. How not to get overwhelmed trying to fit everything in? What reminds us that reality is good?

Twenty-seven pairs of eyes and zero risk


The desire to start school again. The speech ready for the first day. Then the gruelling discussions about security protocols: "Would it not be safer to stay at home?" But the gazes of the students over their masks...

Achilles’ desire


Paola goes to school for the first time not having prepared her lesson perfectly. A journey through Greek and Latin Literature. "My ideas will become clearer in the dialogue with my students.” And so, Serena raises her hand and says...

The cathedral of St. Lawrence in Genoa

Genoa: All because of that invitation


Anduela’s baptism and the meeting with the Bishop, the last stage of a friendship that began with an afternoon of charitable work and with a question: "What is behind it?"

“Favela pela janela” by Simone Santos

Brazil: Flipping through pages of flesh


"Passos" is the Brazilian version of "Traces". Giovanna subscribes to the magazine and wrote to their editorial staff to thank them, and to describe a companionship “that entered my room without warning” even during the lockdown.

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"The force of millimetres and moments”


Busy in Rimini with the official radio station of this year's special edition, Elisabetta describes what she experienced and discovered. From the "scandal at what was missing" to finding herself "faced with a privilege that has opened up many questions".

Beyond the Ivory Tower


As a graduate student in the midst of a pandemic, Letizia feels distanced from what is happening in the world--until an encounter that opens her to a larger horizon.

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Latin America: When quarantine “sounds” better


From seven countries, connected by WhatsApp and Zoom. What unites a group of university students is their great passion for music. And an unexpected new friendship is born from a question: "Who do we do it for?"

The Meeting in Cassano Magnago

The Meeting enclosed within four walls


Everything was ready to participate in the event in their town square. But after returning from Croatia, they needed to quarantine... And yet, Monica's experience has been an adventure worthy of the summit of K2.