Achilles’ desire

Paola goes to school for the first time not having prepared her lesson perfectly. A journey through Greek and Latin Literature. "My ideas will become clearer in the dialogue with my students.” And so, Serena raises her hand and says...

While working on a slideshow for the first day of school, in which I wanted to show how some Greek and Latin authors describe the human being is - who I am - I realized that there was too much material and everything was getting complicated. What struck me was that, for the first time, instead of getting excited and bringing everything back to an order (as I always do), I was strangely calm. I went to school like that, happy to see my students again, even though I was not sure about everything. On the contrary, my presentation remained open, many sections were not defined or finished, and it intrigued me. I told myself: "These intuitions will only become clear to me if I put them into play with my students. I am curious to see how...." And it happened thus: after the dialogue that took place in class, I was able to put my ideas and the slides that I had prepared in order.

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I was particularly struck by what Serena, a third grade student of mine, said. She was struck by a slide in which I explained that in order to leave our mark in history, we need to let reality leave its mark upon us. Then, moved, she declared that her greatest desire is to be remembered forever, and that she was impressed by the fact that her desire passes through the things she likes.

I was speechless. A 17-year-old girl who, in 2020, has the same desire as Achilles. I cannot wait to find out how Greek and Latin Literature, which I will be teaching this year to Serena's class, will answer her question. It is a real beginning, completely new.

Paola, Pesaro, Italy