Baku, Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan: The miracle of our beginning

As the war continues, communication with foreign countries have cut off and schools have closed because of Covid, the CL community in Baku gathered for the Beginning of the Year Day.

At the end of the Beginning of the Year Day in Baku, Bishop Vladimír Fekete concluded his short speech with a phrase by Albert Einstein: "There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though that everything is a miracle.” For me, this small group of five people, plus the bishop, who gathered in front of my son's laptop, are a sign of the miracle of our faith. While the war continues to wage despite the ceasefire, young people are not in school because of Covid, communications are blocked and we cannot call my daughter who studies in Madrid or my parents in Italy, this gesture together has been a true miracle.
Samir, an Azerbaijani engineer who speaks a bit of English, brought with him his young son who, although he does not understand English, was helped by the translation of our friend Miko, who was baptized last year after meeting the movement. We finished the gesture with a tea and a slice of cake. Happy beginning of the year!

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The Beginning of the Year Day in Baku