Samuel’s note

Each morning, Luisella meets an African boy begging on the street. He is kind, affectionate, he thanks you even if you do not give him anything. One day she is in a hurry: "Sorry I cannot stop, I am going to mass." It is the beginning of something new.

For the past two years, every morning on my way to school, on the corner of the square, I meet Samuel, an African boy who, with his cap overturned, reaches out his hand to passers-by. He is a kind, affectionate boy, he thanks you even if you do not give him anything and he high-fives all the hordes of students at my school who, passing by, greet him in return. I often stop to chat with him and, when I can, I worry about responding to his infinite material need, often involving some colleagues in the search for clothes.

One day I was in a hurry because I was late for mass at 12.30 and I said to him: "Sorry I cannot stop, I have to go to mass, see you tomorrow." As it happened that "tomorrow" came after a month. When we met again he said to me: "Hello madam, it is nice to see you again. I went to church every day to pray for you. You are like my mother who is far away but who I know loves me. Can I call you "Mom?"

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Even if since February our meetings have thinned out because of the virus, these two years have been spent in a simple companionship on my part and as joy for my presence on his part. This morning I stopped as usual, he said hello and, asking me if I could get him some socks, he gave me a yellow envelope with a note inside. The note reads: "Good morning madam, how are you? How is your family? I am writing you this letter to thank you forever for all the good and care for me, every Sunday I go to church to pray, for you as well, that God will bless, guard, guide, protect and give you long life. My everything, especially my life has changed since I have known you. Thank you for accepting me as your son and I wish you a perfect Christmas in advance and a sweet new year 2021. I remember you and always keep you in my heart. Even with everything that has happened this year we are in life and everything will be fine and the virus will end. In 2021 we will get back to normal life. Samuel!"

Christ present generates me now and deepens my consciousness of being a daughter. Daughter and mother.

Luisella, Milan, Italy