Photo: Unsplash/SJ Objio

"Have we really been defeated?"

Covid19 and a hospital ward that has changed its function to cope with the emergency. It may seem like a defeat, or "an opportunity not to be missed"...

We have been informed that eighteen beds in our Cardiology department will be allocated to Covid patients and we cardiologists will take turns to manage them. In addition, we have been told that our Cardiology unit, because of the need to find staff to tackle the virus, will no longer form part of the hear attack network.

It was a blow for everyone. Specifically, a colleague said me: "We have lost."

On my way home, I wondered if this was true, if we have really been defeated. If I have lost. I answered no. My substance and the value of my work do not lie in the fact that I can do what I like and what I have studied for, which, God willing, I will return to do. I was reminded of what was said at a meeting which I had attended: reality includes everything, the lack of masks, the disorganization… But there is a point from which I start. I can analyse, or I can touch the burning point that puts me back into action.

Of course, I can lose. I can miss an opportunity. As is often said, if I complain, if I get angry, I cannot be moved. I am now faced with the challenge not to miss it, but to discover where it takes me, in there.

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I have come to be immensely grateful for how I am constantly educated, so much so that when faced with the statement "we lost", I begin to wonder whether it is true for me. Something like this is such an encounter, which today allowed me to face what has happened. I understood the charisma a little better.

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