Monsignor Camisasca with a group of Taiwanese young people

Taipei: "A friend in our home"

The presentation of his book at the Fujen University, the Mass for Fr. Giussani, the School of Community with young workers…Monsignor Massimo Camisasca's visit to Taiwan.

We invited Monsignor Massimo Camisasca, the founder of the Saint Charles Fraternity, to visit us in Taiwan to celebrate our presence in Taipei together. Our house was founded in 2001 and since then many priests have passed through this island. For the occasion, we thought of translating one of his books. He suggested the title: La casa, la terra, gli amici [The House, the Land, the Friends].

The book was finally translated into Chinese and published, and Fr. Massimo came to present it in person at the Fujen Catholic University in Taipei, where many of us priests work or study. On Saturday February, 24 about a hundred people, many friends who have met us over the years, gathered in a lecture hall of the Faculty of Foreign Languages to hear what it was all about.

The moment was very nice and well attended. We began with two songs, as we often do before our meetings: Claudio Chieffo's La strada and a Chinese song about desire. In addition to Fr. Massimo, Sr Teresa Liu, from the Daughters of St. Paul and head of the publishing house that decided to publish the book in Chinese, spoke; Yaling, our friend and colleague who translated the book, was also there.

After the presentation we went to the university chapel where the Archbishop of Taipei, Monsignor Thomas Anzu Chung, presided over the Holy Mass for the anniversary of Fr. Giussani. It was thanks to Fr. Giussani that Fr. Massimo, then a student at the Berchet high school in Milan, got to know the GS movement, from which Communion and Liberation would be born. And it is thanks to Fr. Massimo that our Fraternity of missionaries was born. And again, it is thanks to him that my brothers and I have come to this island to bring we meet the beauty we have found in Jesus Christ to everyone, according to that special accent that is Fr. Giussani's charism.

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During these days together with Fr. Massimo we also participated in various events of the local community. A School of Community on The Religious Sense with a small group of young workers, the university young people’s meeting , the Fraternity dinner... We were struck, as always, by the familiarity that was immediately created between us, despite the linguistic and cultural differences. We saw that the human heart is the same in every part of the world and that everyone desires a friendship that can last forever.

Fr. Paolo Costa, Taipei, Taiwan