Current Events - 2017

The roof of the cathedral where ISIS snipers were stationed. Photo by Stefano Melgrati

Iraq: Return to Qaraqosh

Current EventsLiliana Faccioli Pintozzi*

The refugees from Erbil re-turn to their homes. But how can they begin again? Today, in this story written in arms and oil, there is "a decisive front" which also passes through the AVSI Tent Campaign.

Flag of Honduras. Photo by Honduras y el Mundo via Wikimedia Commons

Honduras: Something Can Change

Current Events

The ballot boxes in Honduras open on Sunday, November 26, to elect a President, a Congress and local administrations. And yet, in general disinterest, many will be abstaining. The elections will bring to light our way of being in front of daily life.

Fr. Julián Carrón at the University of Notre Dame. Courtesy of Center for Ethics and Culture

Traveling Companions

Current EventsJosé Medina

Julián Carrón’s eight-day tour across the U.S. and Canada to share the “disarming beauty” of the faith saw encounters with atheists, believers, and people from many different cultures.

Fr. Julián Carrón

Disarming Beauty: The Place of Faith

Current EventsMattia Ferraresi

In the outpost of the post-Christian world, the perspective of Disarming Beauty by Julián Carrón inserted itself into the American debate over the role of Christians, often poised between "culture wars" and isolation. From the September Traces.

Cardinal Pietro Parolin

Message from Cardinal Pietro Parolin

Current EventsCardinal Pietro Parolin

Cardinal Pietro Parolin sends a Message to the organizers and participants of the 38th Meeting for Friendship Among Peoples.

Parliament at Sunset by Mike Gimelfarb/Wikimedia Commons

Embracing the Unexpected

Current EventsGiuseppe Pezzini

On June 17th, the 4th edition of the London Encounter took place. An occasion for scientists, theologians, and common people to tackle a challenging topic: to look with sympathy at what we can’t foresee.

Fr. Pietro Tiboni

Fr. Tiboni: A Man of Faith in front of the world

Current EventsFr. Julián Carrón

Message of Fr. Julián Carrón to the friends of the Ugandan Community on the occasion of the departure to Heaven of Fr. Pietro Tiboni. "Father Tiboni has given us an example of what faith is: the loving recognition of a Presence ..."

Video of Carrón & Rahola (Subtitled in English)

Current Events

Presentation in Barcelona on Disarming Beauty. Fr. Julian Carrón and Pilar Rahola dialogue about the book. "My head exploded. The book provoked, seduced irritated, interrogated and conquered me..."

St. Ann's Square tributes and memorials, Manchester, May 2017, via Wikimedia Commons

Manchester: "Stronger and Taller than Death"

Current Events

A flyer released by the UK community after the Manchester attack. Among pain and disbelief, "let us look at this pity and at this thirst, at this infinite desire for good, beauty, life, justice that we all are."

My heart is glad because you live, oh Christ

Current EventsFr. Julián Carrón

Notes of the introduction of Fr. Julián Carrón to the Spiritual Exercises of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation (Rimini, April 28, 2017). "... Let us elevate our awareness, let us reawaken our responsibility!"