Flag of Honduras. Photo by Honduras y el Mundo via Wikimedia Commons

Honduras: Something Can Change

The ballot boxes in Honduras open on Sunday, November 26, to elect a President, a Congress and local administrations. And yet, in general disinterest, many will be abstaining. The elections will bring to light our way of being in front of daily life.

On November 26, we the citizens of Honduras are called to participate in the election of a President, of the deputies of Congress and of local administrations. It is an important day for the country, because the future of our country depends in large part on its result.

It is said that election day is a civic festival, and still the majority citizens will not be voting. We can perceive a skepticism, a tiredness in the political class, an "I've never voted," and a general climate of passivity. And as a result, there is a personal passivity, a neglect of ourselves.

And what do we expect from these upcoming elections? How do we see ourselves in front of them? By what criteria do we participate?

These are valid questions that can also help us look at many other situations in life. When I get up in the morning, go to work, drop the children off at school or come back home, what do I expect? By what criteria do I measure the way I work, the education of children, and the relationship with my husband or my wife? Do I discover this same skepticism and this tiredness hidden among the folds of my daily life?

Therefore, November 26, which is an extraordinary moment, brings to light our way of being in front of daily life. Each of us can come to grips with how he stands in front of these important events and understand that this is the same attitude he assumes in front of the smallest things.

Our life, just like the life of the Country, passes through great events, but also through small things. It passes through November 26, and it will pass through the next day. Either we expect something, or we are already defeated. But what allows us to face these daily questions or these electoral results in a positive way?

Each year, in this period that precedes Christmas, the Church celebrates Advent as a time of expec-tation, of hope. It is only possible to hope if we have already encountered something great. As Charles Péguy said, "To hope, my child, one needs to be happy, one needs to have obtained, have received a great grace."

The origin of change is this. There is something that can change on November 26 - above all within us.

Communion and Liberation Honduras