Current Events - 2000

"The Religious Sense" by Luigi Giussani.

From the Presses at McGill

Current EventsJohn Zucchi

An overview of the process of publication of Father Giussani’s books in English under McGill-Queen's University Press.

The Eucharist. Creative Commons CC0

Reasons for the Christian Claim

Current EventsJoseph Ratzinger

The remarks made by the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith at the presentation of the Church document Dominus Iesus. Press Room of the Holy See, September 5, 2000.

Presidential Election 2000 Disenfranchised Voters Protest at the US Supreme Court. Wikimedia Commons

Unrest in America

Current EventsMarco Bardazzi

On name tentatively emerges from the rubble of chads, disqualified ballots, TV mishaps, and court appeals, but uncertainty remains. A doubt begins to dawn: there may be a power capable of putting the most powerful nation on earth at a disadvantage.

Voting in the U.S. Wikimedia Commons

Challenges for the Future

Current EventsLorenzo Albacete

The editorialist for The New York Times Magazine describes the situation of uncertainty on the eve of the election of a new President of the United States. The desire, power, and freedom of a testimony.

Ski Mountain. CC0 Creative Commons

The Charism is a Story

Current EventsJerry Mahon

750 CL leaders from 70 nations for the annual International Assembly on the theme: “Unity: the Law of Knowledge.” Here are testimonies from around the world, giving value to every aspect of personal experience, including the professional side of life.

Pope John Paul II. Wikimedia Commons

Here Eternity Entered History

Current EventsRaffaella Sorensen

A public meeting on the pilgrimage made by the Pope to the Holy Land. The impressions of the Israeli Ambassador and the report of a journalist. An occasion to explain what the Movement is.

Kampala, Uganda. Creative Commons CC0

The Challenge of Kampala

Current EventsAndrea Costanzi

The first volume of the PerCorso presented in the African capital. In a country marked by the phenomenon of religious sects, an occasion for bringing into focus the true dimension of religiosity.

Kampala, Uganda. Wikimedia Commons

Where Hope Does not Die

Current EventsAndrea Costanzi

More than 10% of the Ugandan population is ill. More than 1,000,000 are orphans. Meeting Point's work in the suburbs of Kampala. Attending to the whole person.

United States Flag Map. Wikimedia Commons

Rediscovering the New World

Current EventsGiorgio Vittadini

New experiences are flourishing in the USA. The discovery of Father Giussani's texts, a new form of social life among families, and challenges of the upcoming election.

Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. Wikimedia Commons

The Religious Sense in Nigeria

Current EventsAnnamaria Chiarabini

Father Giussani's book is presented in the African capital. The words of the Italian ambassador. In a troubled country, a proposal for all.