Current Events - 2009

Construction worker. CC0

Stronger than the Crisis. I'm not Closing.

Current EventsDavide Perillo

With the economy in shambles, how do we remain calm? We put this question to a group of entrepreneurs who share a friendship, and they told us about the source of their hope, which is concrete and possible, even for those who don’t share their profession.

By Diliff via Wikimedia Commons

Dreams or Ideals?

Current EventsDavide Perillo

With the EU gearing up for its 2009 elections, we are witnessing an emerging institution platformed on imposing abstract values and scrutinizing issues of family and work. An interview with the jurist Marta Cartabia explains what is at stake in Brussels.

Gaza strip, 2002. CC0

“Peace? Let’s Start From the Religious Sense”

Current EventsFabrizio Rossi

The Hamas rockets, the Israeli reaction, and war breaks out again in the Gaza Strip. Is there nothing that can make them overcome the divisions? “A common journey towards the truth,” answers writer Aharon Applefeld, and the help of men “of genuine faith”.

Naples, Italy. Flickr

Sunshine in the Backstreets

Current EventsDavide Perillo

A bar that has become a “mission outpost,” women who discover “a more real world,” and men who wanted to run away but now party in the quarter. These are scenes of Naples where the “crisis” is permanent, but where something is happening to overcome it...