Stories - 2016

Omaha, Nebraska. Wikimedia Commons

A Doubleheader in Nebraska

US, UK and MoreAnna Leonardi

The Omaha CL community the day after the elections. Including the vote on the death penalty. “Why do we always defend life?”

Air General Friedrich Christiansen (third from the left) accompanied high ranking German officers. By Fotodienst NSB [CC0]

Book Review: My Battle Against Hitler

EncountersApolonio Latar

"Many years before Hannah Arendt, Dietrich von Hildebrand prophetically warned against the attitude of heedlessness that would infect many souls in Europe." Apolonio Latar reviewed Dietrich von Hildebrand's novel "My Battle Against Hitler."

The Scream by Edvard Munch

Trump, Vincenzina and the Forgotten Heart

US, UK and MoreGiorgio Vittadini

Ten days after the United States presidential election, the main question remains, why have the “forgotten men” voted for Donald Trump? A reflection by Giorgio Vittadini.

United States flag. CC0 Public Domain

A Present Good

EncountersJosé Medina

A reflection on the response of the recent US presidential election and the challenge of rebuilding and reuniting a divided and "ideologically charged" nation.

Tiffiny Gulla

The Gift of That Day: September 11

EncountersTiffiny Gulla

The testimony of a successful manager who survived 9/11 and whose disease and solid certainty changed her life from then on. We republish Tiffiny’s article, in memoriam, as she returned to the Father on August 5, 2016.

The School of Community in Lagos, Nigeria

Just to Live

WorldA. Leonardi, P. Perego, P. Ronconi and A. Stoppa

A small trip through Schools of Community worldwide, among tables at a cafe near Parma, on the internet, during an afternoon of study in Burgundy, or at a parking lot in a Muslim neighborhood in Lagos, Nigeria.

Frank Simmonds

Frank, Future Leader

US, UK and MoreGiorgio Vittadini

"Frank represents an authentically new world, where the desire for happiness and the strength of faith are victorious." On the first anniversary of Frank Simmonds' death, we re-publish Giorgio Vittadini's Il Sussidiario article in his memory.

International Mine Action in Syria (Aleppo). Photo by via Wikimedia Commons


WorldMarinella Bandini

"I’m not concerned about dying tomorrow … What scares me is the idea of not being ready to give everything I have to the people knocking at our doors." Fr. Ibrahim Alsabagh shared his experience serving the Church in Syria since 2014.

United States flag. CC0 Public Domain

Protagonists or Nothing Else: 2016 Election

US, UK and MoreCL Puerto Rico

"These times are a huge opportunity for all those who, regardless of party lines, wish to roll up their sleeves and work for the common good." Flyer on the 2016 presidential elections by the Communion and Liberation Community in Puerto Rico, USA.

Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete

Lorenzo the Magnificent

US, UK and MoreGiorgio Vittadini

On the occasion of the upcoming US presidential elections, Giorgio Vittadini reminisced about the late Lorenzo Albacete and his experience with American spirituality and cultural life.

GS kids from the London community

Where the Game is Played

WorldAnna Leonardi and Paolo Perego

In Montreal, London and Germany … A journey to GS communities around the world to catch how these kids deal with everyday life with a challenge: “To see if what we have encountered really has to do with everything.”

Zygmunt Bauman. Wikimedia Commons

The Tunnel and the Light

EncountersDavide Perillo

Zygmunt Bauman, one of the greatest intellectuals of our time, goes to the root of the “existential insecurity” that marks our world, and explains why the one way out has a name, “encounter,” and a face, that of Pope Francis.

 The Montréal GS Community during a hike at the summer vacation. Traces

Following Something Alive

US, UK and MoreAnna Leonardi

For some of them it was something normal, like going to school. For others it was something they had never heard of before. Here the stories of the GS communities in Montréal and in London who are discovering what moves their life and causes it to flower.

Woman in her home

Nigeria: Beauty in Lagos

US, UK and MoreLuca Fiori

A slice of life from the Nigerian megalopolis, where a bored group of young Christians rediscovered the faith.

Friends in Yokohama, Japan. CC0 Public Domain

Protagonists of Our Own History

US, UK and MoreCL USA

"Our country was founded on the premise that hard work and personal initiative would grant us the fruits of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Today, that promise seems to escape us." A reflection on the socio-political state of the US by CL USA.

Great Wall of China at Juyongguan. Photo by Anagoria via Wikimedia Commons

I Feel At Home: Spiritual Exercises in China

WorldPaola Bergamini

There was a Babel of languages and few people knew each other, but Christians and non-Christians shared an unthinkable unity at the Spiritual Exercises of the Fraternity in China. “An accent of joy never seen before.”

Highway in the mountains. Photo CC0 License

He Who Directs the Road

US, UK and MoreAlessandra Stoppa

Mothers and fathers, missionaries, teenagers and seasoned professionals from twelve countries across the continent gathered in Nairobi for the Assembly of CL leaders.

A priest hears a man's confession in Saint Peter's Basilica during the Holy Year of Mercy.

An Amazing Moment

EncountersAlessandra Stoppa

He is one of the thousands of Missionaries of Mercy invited by the Pope for the Jubilee. Fr. Emiliano Antenucci, a young Capuchin, explains what the Sacrament of Confession is–and is not. Because when you meet Him face to face...

Bob Dylan at Massey Hall, Toronto, 1980 Photo by Jean-Luc Ourlin via Wikimedia Commons


US, UK and MoreJason Blakely

On the occasion of singer-songwriter Bob Dylan's 75th birthday, Jason Blakely closely examined Dylan's poetic influences, his detachment from political movements and his search for religious transcendence.

Joseph Weiler in Turin for the exposition of “Moments of Dignity” and “The Soul of Space.”

Dignity, the "Core" of Man

EncountersLetizia Bardazzi

After the presentation at the meeting, Joseph H.H. Weiler's photos are on display at the Einaudi Campus; Their theme: the human condition.

Sao Paulo, Brazil. Wikimedia Commons

The Most Beautiful Aspect of Our Friendship

WorldAlessandra Stoppa

Some atheist students were struck by their teacher, and wanted to learn about “the pillars” of the Movement. And so they cooked for the homeless of São Paolo.