Stories - 2015

Mary and Child, Sinai. Via Wikimedia Commons

We Love Life More than They Want Death

WorldGiancarlo Cesana and Davide Prosperi

"Is there a good to give our lives to that is greater than the evil that denies life?" We publish a reflection on the recent terrorist attacks in Madrid, London and Paris.

Joshua Stancil. Photo by Clare Kolars

Joshua Stancil: Touched by Mercy

EncountersAssociazione Italiana Centri Culturali

In light of the upcoming Holy Year of Mercy, Joshua Stancil shares his encounter with "God's revolutionary tenderness" in a short interview.

New York Encounter 2015: Five Questions with Riro Maniscalco

EncountersStephen Sanchez

Maurizio Maniscalco (known to everyone as “Riro”) is President and co-founder of the NY Encounter, a 3 day cultural event in the heart of City. He sits down with TracesOnline for 5 questions to kickoff our weeklong coverage of this years NY Encounter.

Washington Hall, University of Notre Dame. Photo by Michael Fernandes via Wikimedia Commons

The Truth Will Set You Free

EncountersJulián Carrón

The following is the question and answer session following Fr. Carrón’s remarks at the University of Notre Dame, 21 November, 2015.

Witness of the Franciscan Superior of the Holy Land


The 16th annual gathering was entitled For Freedom Set Free. Fr. Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Custos of the Holy Land was among the invited speakers and addressed the timely topic “Christians in the Middle East: What future, what hope?”

London, England. Wikimedia Commons

Close to Those who Are Far Away

WorldLuca Fiore

A day in the suburbs of London with Fr. Jose "Pepe" Claveria to see how in this ultra secularized society faith can once again be credible (and attractive) even for “pagans.”

Timothy Shriver. Wikimedia Commons

People Look You in the Eye

EncountersPaolo Perego

Nephew of the Kennedys and Chairman of the Special Olympics, Timothy Shriver tells us about himself and his first time at the Meeting.

United States CLU students on a pilgrimage to Our Lady of Good Help, Wisconsin.

The Power and the Glory

US, UK and MoreGiorgio Vittadini

In Graham Greene's The Power and the Glory, the supposed last priest in the province is executed. Like Greene's characters, we live as if Christianity were on the brink of extinction when, in fact, it regenerates life in different corners of the world.

Terence Berden. Photo by Maria Ramos

Another Miracle in Bethlehem

WorldTerence Berden

"The miracle wasn’t the tears, but the judgment from the people of Jerusalem." Terence Berden recounts the screening of his first film, "Full of Grace," in the Christian ghetto of Bethlehem.

Caracas, Venezuela. Wikimedia Commons

Hope Cannot be Kidnapped

WorldAlejandro Marius

"What is the purpose for which this is happening to me?” This was the question that accompanied German Velutini, a banker from Caracas, during the period from his kidnapping to his liberation.

The Human Heart. Flickr

Lisa's Thirst


Here a high school student witnesses to the mercy of God and the positivity of reality in her conviction that even those in ISIS have the same heart as everyone else.

Resurrection of Christ by Rottenhammer via Wikimedia Commons

The Hundredfold is Always More

WorldDavide Prosperi

From his questions as a boy to his intuition seeing the video of “Recognizing Christ,” all the way to the “call” received today. The witness of Davide Prosperi, Vice President of the Fraternity of CL, at the GS Easter Triduum.

Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete

A Beautiful Journey

US, UK and MoreStephen Sanchez

On April 25, over 150 people gathered to celebrate the Crossroads Cultural Center's 10th Anniversary, as well as the late Msgr. Albacete who passed away last year. The occasion was also an announcement of the inaugural "Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete Lecture."

Rowan Williams. Wikimedia Commons

What does That Man Ask of Me?

EncountersLuca Fiore

At Saint Peter’s Square was Rowan Williams, the former Anglican Primate of England. He was there out of friendship, and because “it is the moment of encounter.”

The CL Brazil Community in St. Peter's Square. Traces

On His Journey

WorldP. Bergamini, L. Fiore, A. Leonardi, P. Perego, A. Stoppa

People of all ages and homelands reflect on the Pope’s proposal, starting with what happened in front of them.

Fr. Luigi Giussani

Pope Francis and the Religious Sense

US, UK and MoreRobert Barron

"No disciple of Msgr. Giussani would forget that a deeper part of the struggle is for meaning, purpose and spiritual beauty." Bishop Robert Barron reflects on Msgr. Luigi Giussani's influence on His Holiness Pope Francis.

The Light of the Resurrection at the Peripheries of the World. Photo by Maria Ramos

Fr. Constantino Ruggeri Exhibit

US, UK and MoreRaphael Arza

"His work seems to express, not senseless figures, but the impenetrable depth of reality." A reflection on the 2015 New York Encounter exhibit, "The Light of the Resurrection on the Peripheries of the World."


This Cancer Saved My Life: Notes from a Friendship

EncountersCristiano Ferrario

Through a developed friendship with her medical oncologist, Carla rediscovers meaning and gusto in her life to the point of being able to affirm, "this cancer saved my life."