Stories - 1999

Helsinki, Finland. Wikimedia Commons

Adventure in the Big Chill

WorldLuca Doninelli

What it means to become a Christian in a society where the State manages life from womb to tomb. Faith gives the best conditions for living in every circumstance. The testimony of two tiny communities in Sweden and Finland.

San Diego, California. Creative Commons CC0

Francesco's Crying

US, UK and MoreFabio Esposito

A young family in San Diego deals with school for their children and strange telephone calls from their neighbors. Bringing into question education and "morality" for the future America.

Aerial view of Washington DC. Wikimedia Commons

Horowitz & Friends for Avsi

WorldTom Tobin

The benefit concert held June 10th in the Washington D.C. for the humanitarian work of the Associazione Volontari per il Servizio Internazionale (Association of Volunteers for International Service) for the refugees in Albania.

Chicago, IL. Creative Commons CC0

From Nazareth to Chicago

US, UK and MoreGiorgio Ambrosio

The Meeting's 1996 exhibition on the beginnings of Christianity made a stop in the center of the United States. Testimony from the organizers.

'The Disciples Peter and John Running to the Tomb' by Eugene Burnand via Wikimedia Commons

An eternal friendship

EncountersGiancarlo Cesana

Twenty-five years of shared history. Following Father Giussani and sharing all of existence. "Life's burdens were many, but he was always out front, never pushing from behind."

Manhattan, New York. Photo by ianpudsey via Wikimedia Commons

New Music in New York

US, UK and MoreJonathan Fields

A year of working in Manhattan's most important agency for advertising jingles. Together with David Horowitz, his wife Jan, and his band, the adventure of doing something together that stimulates creativity and multiplies possibilities.

Downtown Santa Cruz. Wikimedia Commons

A Home for Panchito's Ex-Inmates

WorldGaia Romana Bertolotti

The Happening in Asunción, with the Papal Nuncio and the First Lady of Paraguay, and the construction of a center to receive ex-prisoners from the juvenile correctional institute. A story that continues.