Stories - 2019

Alessandro Ventura (left) on vacation with some colleagues

Experiencing freedom at work

US, UK and MoreLuca Fiore

From December Traces: Alessandro is a manager of a multinational company in New York. In an environment in which many young professionals feel orphaned, many come to him for advice. Where does his authority come from?

Ettore Soranzo (left) with his friend Philip

Christmas in Bethlehem

WorldLuca Fiore

From December Traces: in a city marked by tensions between peoples and religions, a small group of Palestinians of various confessions meets for School of Community. Their friendship began with some Italian pilgrims who were “different from everyone else.

Francisco De Roux

Colombia: The journey to truth

EncountersDoris Soraida Barragan

From November Traces: the fear of questions, 
wounded young men, and forgiveness. A conversation with Fr. Francisco De Roux, a key figure in the peace process happening in a country devastated by a seemingly endless conflict.

The front page of the bulletin circulated in November 1969

“Communion is Liberation”. 1969, the birth of a name


Fifty years ago, at the State University in Milan, a document was circulated that gave the movement, which was growing around Fr. Giussani, its name. This is how Savorana recounts the event in his biography of Fr. Giussani.

Ed is reborn

WorldPaola Ronconi

From the November Traces: Edmondo's story, a boy who was lost in drugs and alcohol. It's also the story of the love of his father and of a family who welcomed him into their home, where he “felt like a bum, but nothing of what happened there eluded me.”

With your heart at work/4: All the names of reality

WorldPaolo Perego

Rita’s adventure with Marco, a young boy with a serious disability. Initially unable to speak, he goes as far as to take the eighth grade exam. "The secret? A way of looking at what happens". It’s not something you learn: you encounter it.

Lyubov and Valeriy Khon

Kazakhstan: Valeriy's time

WorldPaolo Perego

For more than twenty years, Valeriy has observed, from a “pagan” point of view, how his wife and children have grown and changed through their experience of faith. Now he too will be baptized.

With your heart at work/3: Dr Janjão's "balm”

WorldSofia Gouveia Pereira

A neonatologist in a hospital in Lisbon, always surrounded by mothers, colleagues, nurses…She tell us how faith is involved with what she does each day. And how, even in a place of suffering, it can help build hope...

Julián de la Morena

Latin America: Mission is a heart that speaks unto another heart

WorldJulián de la Morena

The responsible of CL in Latin America has been traveling, for ten years, throughout the Latin world, from the U.S. border to Tierra del Fuego. He's only at home ten days each month, but he says that "my task is, first and foremost, contemplative".

Alpha and Maurizio

USA: With their heart upon their sleeve

US, UK and MoreAlessandra Stoppa

Alpha comes from an island in the Philippines. Her irreducible search for meaning has led her to rediscover "the beauty of depending" and led her to an encounter that changed her life, and Maurizio’s...

TJ Berden on the set of one of his films

With your heart at work /2: Miracles in Hollywood

US, UK and MoreAnna Leonardi

TJ, a Los Angeles-based American producer and screenwriter, brings stories such as "Full of Grace" and "Paul, Apostle of Christ" to the big screen. He explains what it means to produce such films that try to reach the heart of everyone.

In the house of the Sisters of Charity, in Monrovia

Mission: The value of what we do is a love in the present

WorldInmaculada Navas

Ever since she was a child, Inmaculada has had the desire to live with a "large horizon". Then came the proposals of reality: the Cottolengo in Buenaventura, Colombia, and an adventure that continues to grow as a result of the Ebola epidemic.

Fiorenza Matteoni

Oman: The best thing

WorldLuca Fiore

“You grasp the meaning of the things that happen to you as they happen.” From the October Traces, the witness of Fiorenza, who has been working in Muscat for three years. The many questions and signs of answers she discovers each day.

El Salvador: Everything was born from an initial ‘yes’

WorldCarlos Fernández

On the plane, leaving his country, Carlos was crying and trembling with fear. Thirteen years later, he discovers what God has done with his fragile yes. “If you eat, if you drink, if you live, you are doing mission.”

China: "We are happy because you exist”

WorldBegoña Ramírez

At the beginning of "missionary October", convoked by Pope Francis, Begoña recounts what mission means for her, after spending ten years in China. "You can only communicate what you live."

Launch of "The Sky Over Kibera". Courtesy of AVSI Kenya.

The Sky Over Kibera: The Divine Comedy in the slum of Nairobi


The press release for the launch of the Docu-Film "The Sky Over Kibera" by Marco Martinelli, that took place in Nairobi on Saturday 21st September. A film on Dante presented by the students of selected schools in one of the largest African slums.

Saint Riccardo Pampuri

Saint Pampuri: The Greatest Miracle is that we are loved

WorldAlberto Savorana

September 7, 2019, the Assago-Trivolzio pilgrimage. This year, the jubilee of the 30th anniversary of Saint Pampuri’s cannonisation, let us remember Fr. Giussani’s devotion towards the saint. An extract from Savorana's biography of Giussani:

Lower Midwest Vacation: To Climb the Stairs

US, UK and MoreMeghan Berneking

At the 2019 Lower Midwest summer vacation in the United States, its participants hiked, sang, prayed, and delved into the theme, "Our hope lies in something unforeseen."