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Blum (L) and Ghaly.

"I Go to Prepare a Place for You"

EncountersJonathan Ghaly

Jim Blum, founder of My Father's House, discusses his time in prison, his conversion, and his encounter with Communion and Liberation.

Courtesy of Arthur Roraff.

From Alaska to Arizona: Signposts of God

EncountersAnnemarie Bacich

Fr. Arthur Roraff tells the story of his vocation as a priest in Alaska and his eventual encounter with Communion and Liberation.

Courtesy of Arthur Roraff.
"Elizabeth Seton: American Saint"

Craving a Presence

EncountersAnnemarie Bacich

We publish an interview with historian Catherine O'Donnell, author of "Elizabeth Seton: American Saint." Her book was recommended as one of the summer readings in the United States communities.

Bacich (L) and O'Donnell

Summer Vacation: To be Where He Is

US, UK and MoreMarcia Otto

The Texas-Louisiana summer vacation took place on June 13-16 in New Braunfels, TX. Among hikes, games, live art shows, and assemblies, the attendees grew in gratefulness for each other and embarked on a journey to discover the source of their friendship.


A Call to Educate

US, UK and MoreClaire Vouk

A group of people from all over the United States has been meeting regularly via conference call to discuss education in light of their experiences. Read the full story.

What Never Ends?

WorldAnna Leonardi

This question pervades the lives of Cecilia, Giada, and Kevin, members of GS, filling their school days, time at home, and friendships. They talk about their encounter with the Movement and a life that challenges wounds, time, and departures.

Uganda: When time is a friend

WorldPaolo Perego

A journey begins again after nineteen years in Africa. Provoked by the Exercises, Stefano and Manolita reconsider their story. (From the June issue of "Traces")

A Grecian urn. Photo by Paul Curto via Flickr.

A Kiss is Not the End

EncountersPaola Bergamini

Psychiatrist Giovanni Stanghellini reflects on the question, “Is there something that lasts forever?" A dialogue about experience, relationships, waiting, evil, and repetition. And the unexpected that “touches me concretely.”

The Giussani Experiment


The life of the CL founder transformed his way of teaching and of looking at the crisis of the Church. An interview with theologian Timothy O’Malley who spoke at the presentation on Giussani’s biography in Chicago.

David Macek

Everything Begins with an Encounter

WorldPaolo Perego

After the fall of the Berlin Wall he was moved by a desire to be engaged in politics as a Christian. Today David Macek has left politics behind for a new way of building society with efforts ranging from the Brno Meeting to the Drfg Foundation.

Prague. © Anastasia Dulgier/Unsplash
Virginia's picture depicting her and her family doing charitable work.

A Contest within a Context


We publish the winning drawing and essay from the 2019 Art and Essay contest sponsored by Benedictine College.

Savorana (right) and Zucchi. Photo by Peter Stockland.

The Life of Luigi Giussani: A Presence that Attracts

US, UK and MoreClaire Vouk

On March 20 in Montréal, Canada, Alberto Savorana took part in the final Life of Luigi Giussani panel with Christine Jones, Fr. John Meehan, and John Zucchi. Read the full story.

(L-R) Meehan, Jones, Zucchi, and Savorana. Photo by Peter Stockland.
Jason Blakely. Photo by Amy Hickl (cropped).

From Formalism to Authenticity


We publish the text of Jason Blakely's remarks on March 12, 2019, during the Life of Luigi Giussani book tour.

(L-R) Savorana, Freeman, and Stokman. Photo by Tim Lilley

The Life of Luigi Giussani: What Does it Mean to Follow?

US, UK and MoreJulie Rosario

On March 17 in Evansville, Indiana, Alberto Savorana continued on his Life of Luigi Giussani book tour speaking alongside Bishop Steven Raica, Stephanie Stokman, and Emily Freeman. Read the full story.

(L-R) Freeman, Stokman, Raica, and Savorana. Photo by Tim Lilley.
(L-R) Savorana, Butler, Stokman, and Balsbaugh. Photo by Margaret Stokman.

The Life of Luigi Giussani: To Have Open Eyes

US, UK and MoreJacob Doty

On March 16, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the seventh Life of Luigi Giussani book tour presentation took place with Alberto Savorana, Jon Balsbaugh, Marcie Stokman, and P.J. Butler. Read the full story.