Stories - 2003

Bolzana, Italy. Wikimedia Commons

The House in the Hills

WorldRoberto Vivarelli

On the outskirts of Bolzano, Italy, in some rooms offered by the parish, three educators take care of youngsters in difficulty, from the end of classes until the evening.

Asunción, Paraguay. Wikimedia Commons

Giotto Among the Guaranì and the Reducciones

WorldRoberto Filippetti

Through presences, the expansion of the Presence in the life of a people. The journal of a trip to Asunción: meeting with friends in the local community, the parish of San Rafael, the Happening and the Giotto exhibition.

Daniele Comboni. Wikimedia Commons

Father, Shepherd, and Friend of Africa

EncountersFidel Gonzalez

At the age of 26, he left for the Sudan, in Central Africa, where he began his missionary work. He used to say often, “Africa can find its true dignity and freedom only in the reality of the Church.”

Enders Island. Wikimedia Commons

Priests in Stars an Stripes

US, UK and MoreRich Veras & Peter Cameron

Twenty-seven American priests gathered for the first CL Priests’ Retreat, on Enders Island, off the coast of Connecticut. They confronted the need to acknowledge that they are sons so as to be able to become fathers.

Chicago, IL. Wikimedia Commons

Three Hundred Times the Beginning

US, UK and MoreMarco Bardazzi

The Diakonia of North America brought together 300 people from all parts of the continent, to meet in the freezing Windy City. A mid-January weekend made up of meetings, testimonies, and blues music.

'Parable of the Good Samaritan' by Artist Jan Wijnants via Wikimedia Commons

When I Am Weak, then I Am Strong

US, UK and MoreGiovanni Cesana

Bill has six children and lives in Ohio. He works in the field of rehabilitation and vocational training as a psychotherapist. He wrote this for Traces after reading Cesana’s words on limitations.

U.S. Flag. Flickr

USA. Stories of Change

US, UK and MoreMichele Carugno and Tommaso Mauri

A CL vacation at Lake Tahoe for about twenty university students from California, each one with a story to tell. Three testimonies.

Jerusalem. Wikimedia Commons

My Friend David

EncountersJonah Lynch

A student of Judaism and a seminarian. A shared passion for music and dialogue about God. Excerpts from their correspondence until that tragic July 31st in Jerusalem.

Bogota, Colombia. Creative Commons CC0

In the Guerrillas’ Hands

EncountersAlver Metalli

On November 11th, along with Fr Desiderio, he was kidnapped by FARC combat troops, and freed after a few days. A chorus of indignant voices had been raised all over the world. But even more, of prayers.

Nairobi, Kenya. Wikimedia Commons

Young Entrepreneurs Grow Up

WorldPaola Ronconi

Teaching a trade, giving the foundations for opening a business, but above all, accompanying young people in rediscovering their dignity, because “it is not enough to teach someone how to fish, you have to share why one fishes”

Menorah. Wikimedia Commons

My Hope: This Dialogue with You

EncountersAngelica Calo Livne

From a kibbutz in Upper Galilee, the words of a Jewish woman met almost by chance. “Hope is this dialogue that has sprung forth like a blessing… it is this miracle that has made you open your gates to your elder brothers”