“You have given him rule over the works of Your hands”

Gathering of the Young People of CL
Assisi, March 23–26, 2023

A three-day gathering of a group of young people from the movement took place in Assisi from March 23 to 26. Three hundred people, from all over Italy and Spain, shared moments of close discussion (a lecture and two assemblies) and experienced moments of conviviality, such as a visit to the city of Assisi, led by Francesco Vignaroli from Perugia.
Collected in the booklet published here are the texts of speeches by Davide Prosperi, President of the Fraternity of CL, the lecture and summary by Fr. Paolo Prosperi, priest of the Fraternity of St. Charles, and excerpts from the two assemblies, led by Fr. Paolo and Francesco Cassese (Camu), head of the movement for the Diocese of Milan.