US, UK and More - 1999

San Diego, California. Creative Commons CC0

Francesco's Crying

US, UK and MoreFabio Esposito

A young family in San Diego deals with school for their children and strange telephone calls from their neighbors. Bringing into question education and "morality" for the future America.

Chicago, IL. Creative Commons CC0

From Nazareth to Chicago

US, UK and MoreGiorgio Ambrosio

The Meeting's 1996 exhibition on the beginnings of Christianity made a stop in the center of the United States. Testimony from the organizers.

Manhattan, New York. Photo by ianpudsey via Wikimedia Commons

New Music in New York

US, UK and MoreJonathan Fields

A year of working in Manhattan's most important agency for advertising jingles. Together with David Horowitz, his wife Jan, and his band, the adventure of doing something together that stimulates creativity and multiplies possibilities.