US, UK and More - 2001

Guinness. Wikimedia Commons

A Real Guinness Beer

US, UK and MorePaola Ronconi

St Patrick evangelized the island in the 5th century. In 1980, three Italian university students started the first CL community and the challenge, in a moment of economic depression, to set up an English school for foreigners.

Bookstore. Wikimedia Commons

On the Road

US, UK and MoreMarco Bardazzi

Seeds scattered on the green field of America: small communities of the Movement are springing up here and there in original, unpredictable ways. Indiana, Missouri, Evansville, Raleigh, Houston... A brief look at some of these stories...

In the Land of Freedom

US, UK and MoreGiovanni Cesana

At Lake Placid, on vacation with the American university students. The individualism versus the wonder at a newness and a friendship that is deeply moving. A testimony of an Italian student

London, England. Wikimedia Commons

The Rock and the City

US, UK and MoreAnna Leonardi

In the “wasteland” recounted by Eliot, where Catholics are 10% of the population, the history of the British CL community. Starting from the experience of Fisher House at Cambridge all the way to the economic heart of the capital.