US, UK and More - 2015

United States CLU students on a pilgrimage to Our Lady of Good Help, Wisconsin.

The Power and the Glory

US, UK and MoreGiorgio Vittadini

In Graham Greene's The Power and the Glory, the supposed last priest in the province is executed. Like Greene's characters, we live as if Christianity were on the brink of extinction when, in fact, it regenerates life in different corners of the world.

Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete

A Beautiful Journey

US, UK and MoreStephen Sanchez

On April 25, over 150 people gathered to celebrate the Crossroads Cultural Center's 10th Anniversary, as well as the late Msgr. Albacete who passed away last year. The occasion was also an announcement of the inaugural "Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete Lecture."

Fr. Luigi Giussani

Pope Francis and the Religious Sense

US, UK and MoreRobert Barron

"No disciple of Msgr. Giussani would forget that a deeper part of the struggle is for meaning, purpose and spiritual beauty." Bishop Robert Barron reflects on Msgr. Luigi Giussani's influence on His Holiness Pope Francis.

The Light of the Resurrection at the Peripheries of the World. Photo by Maria Ramos

Fr. Constantino Ruggeri Exhibit

US, UK and MoreRaphael Arza

"His work seems to express, not senseless figures, but the impenetrable depth of reality." A reflection on the 2015 New York Encounter exhibit, "The Light of the Resurrection on the Peripheries of the World."

New York Encounter 2015

NYE 2015: Sunday, Day 3

US, UK and MoreStephen Sanchez

Cardinal Sean O'Malley, the impact of Msgr. Giussani's life on different lives, social media and the human face, and more on the third day of the New York Encounter.

Dancers perform as Adam and Eve. Photo by Brenda Abdelmesih

Adam Danced

US, UK and MoreEmily Ronan

The legend of Adam's Dance was performed by the Creative Outlet Dance Theater of Brooklyn at the 2015 New York Encounter. Music was composed by Jonathan Fields and dance was choreographed by Jamel Gaines.

New York Encounter exhibit on Msgr. Giussani and Communion and Liberation. Photo by Maria Ramos

NYE 2015: Saturday, Day 2

US, UK and MoreStephen Sanchez

The search for identity and individual rights, Communion and Liberation's 60th-anniversary documentary, the "self" in American films, and more on the second day of the 2015 New York Encounter.

Timothy Shriver. Photo by Jude Severson

The Gift of Disability

US, UK and MoreVincent Petruccelli

"To be fully human is to welcome the other who is different." Cardinal Sean O'Malley, Timothy Shriver and Jean Vanier speak on identity and disability at the 2015 New York Encounter.

New York Encounter attendees visit an exhibit. Photo by Maria Ramos

NYE 2015: Friday, Day 1

US, UK and MoreStephen Sanchez

A tribute to the late Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete, old spirituals, and more on the first day of the 2015 New York Encounter.

The Millennial Experience. Photo by Maria Ramos

The Millennial Experience

US, UK and MoreStephen Sanchez

Over the past year, Jonathan Ghaly and 80 other young adults across the US created an exhibit on the experience of the “Millennial.” We publish an interview with Ghaly in which he discusses the process behind the Millennial exhibit.