US, UK and More - 2019

Alessandro Ventura (left) on vacation with some colleagues

Experiencing freedom at work

US, UK and MoreLuca Fiore

From December Traces: Alessandro is a manager of a multinational company in New York. In an environment in which many young professionals feel orphaned, many come to him for advice. Where does his authority come from?

Alpha and Maurizio

USA: With their heart upon their sleeve

US, UK and MoreAlessandra Stoppa

Alpha comes from an island in the Philippines. Her irreducible search for meaning has led her to rediscover "the beauty of depending" and led her to an encounter that changed her life, and Maurizio’s...

TJ Berden on the set of one of his films

With your heart at work /2: Miracles in Hollywood

US, UK and MoreAnna Leonardi

TJ, a Los Angeles-based American producer and screenwriter, brings stories such as "Full of Grace" and "Paul, Apostle of Christ" to the big screen. He explains what it means to produce such films that try to reach the heart of everyone.

Lower Midwest Vacation: To Climb the Stairs

US, UK and MoreMeghan Berneking

At the 2019 Lower Midwest summer vacation in the United States, its participants hiked, sang, prayed, and delved into the theme, "Our hope lies in something unforeseen."

Summer Vacation: To be Where He Is

US, UK and MoreMarcia Otto

The Texas-Louisiana summer vacation took place on June 13-16 in New Braunfels, TX. Among hikes, games, live art shows, and assemblies, the attendees grew in gratefulness for each other and embarked on a journey to discover the source of their friendship.


A Call to Educate

US, UK and MoreClaire Vouk

A group of people from all over the United States has been meeting regularly via conference call to discuss education in light of their experiences. Read the full story.

Savorana (right) and Zucchi. Photo by Peter Stockland.

The Life of Luigi Giussani: A Presence that Attracts

US, UK and MoreClaire Vouk

On March 20 in Montréal, Canada, Alberto Savorana took part in the final Life of Luigi Giussani panel with Christine Jones, Fr. John Meehan, and John Zucchi. Read the full story.

(L-R) Savorana, Freeman, and Stokman. Photo by Tim Lilley

The Life of Luigi Giussani: What Does it Mean to Follow?

US, UK and MoreJulie Rosario

On March 17 in Evansville, Indiana, Alberto Savorana continued on his Life of Luigi Giussani book tour speaking alongside Bishop Steven Raica, Stephanie Stokman, and Emily Freeman. Read the full story.

(L-R) Savorana, Butler, Stokman, and Balsbaugh. Photo by Margaret Stokman.

The Life of Luigi Giussani: To Have Open Eyes

US, UK and MoreJacob Doty

On March 16, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the seventh Life of Luigi Giussani book tour presentation took place with Alberto Savorana, Jon Balsbaugh, Marcie Stokman, and P.J. Butler. Read the full story.

(L-R) Waldstein, Hazen, Hastings, and Savorana. Photo by Kelly Koranda.

The Life of Luigi Giussani: Christ, Yes or No?

US, UK and MoreAlexander Kelly

On March 14 in Omaha, Nebraska, Alberto Savorana continued his ten-day book tour. The panel was comprised of Michael Waldstein, Very Rev. Scott Hastings, and David Hazen. Read the full story.

(L-R) Dreher, Cruz-Bustillo, Redondo, and Savorana. Photo by Melissa Font.

The Life of Luigi Giussani: Everything to Live Fully

US, UK and MoreJoep Van Keeken

On March 11 in Miami, Florida, Alberto Savorana continued on to the next stop of his ten-day book tour. The third panel was alongside Rod Dreher, Miriam Cruz-Bustillo, and José Pedro Redondo. Read the full story.

(L-R) Laracy, Erlandson, Alvaré, and Savorana. Photo by Tierney Monahan.

The Life of Luigi Giussani: Christ is in Reality

US, UK and MoreVincent Petruccelli

On March 10 at Georgetown University, Alberto Savorana spoke alongside Greg Erlandson, Helen Alvaré, and Margaret Laracy, marking the second night of the Life of Luigi Giussani book tour. Read the full story.

(L-R) Sareen, Mooney, Aldrette, and Savorana. Photo by Giulietta Riboldi.

The Life of Luigi Giussani: A Presence, Not a Theory

US, UK and MoreSebastian Oglethorpe

Alberto Savorana kicked off the Life of Luigi Giussani book tour on March 9 in New York City alongside Margarita Mooney, Anujeet Sareen, and Jackie Aldrette. Read the full story.

Courtesy of the New York Encounter

Friday at the New York Encounter: An Unmistakable Urge

US, UK and MorePatrick Tomassi

A documentary on the APAC prisons in Brazil, a letter to Ivy League professors, a panel on "the kindness of science," and a performance of the work of jazz legend John Coltrane. Read the recap of Friday at the New York Encounter.