US, UK and More - 2010

American flag. CC0

Questioning Polarized American Politics

US, UK and More

The November election results once again invite us to go beyond polemics to the needs and desires at the heart of the people. John Samples, prominent DC think-tank director, author, and professor addresses the issues head-on.

Barack Obama signs the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the White House. Via Wikimedia Commons

Protecting Rights or Championing Interests?

US, UK and MoreAdam Skoczylas

While the health care debate seemed to originate in a desire to serve real human needs, its culmination expresses a weak sense of altruism and a serious battle of interests. Carter Snead, an expert in the field of law and bioethics, helps us take a look.

2010 Haiti earthquake relief efforts by the US Army. Via Wikimedia Commons

People at work. On the Path toward Charity

US, UK and MoreLorenzo Albacete

Americans have not held back in their desire to help Haiti, spending themselves in a mobilization that has involved common people as well as Hollywood stars. What can this surge of generosity teach us? To dig deep down to discover the nature of charity.