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New York Encounter: "When reality hits"

CultureDavide Perillo

A special edition of the New York Encounter is back on February 12. The last edition had a prophetic title: "Crossing the divide". In a country increasingly divided and wounded by the pandemic, an attempt to reveal a different life.

Encountering Our Wounds


Jaisy's work on the Baldwin Exhibit for the New York Encounter helps her confront her own wounds at the "level of the heart."

© Mary Sarah Ivers

The People of the New York Encounter

Current EventsGiorgio Vittadini

In a broken, divided America, such as we see in the world of politics, there are people who, with their actions, show a different way of living.

At the New York Encounter

New York Encounter 2020: "Crossing the Divide"

Current EventsLisa Lickona

In the heart of Manhattan, twenty-four meetings in three days, including exhibitions and performances: “I know that I will find something here that sustains me, something I will find nowhere else.”

New York Encounter: “Crossing the Divide”

Current EventsLuca Fiore

Tomorrow, the annual three-day event of meetings, exhibitions and performances kicks-off in the heart of the Big Apple. Here is Pope Francis' greeting to the New York Encounter and a taste of what awaits.

Bumping into a Life

SchoolPeter Fields

A group of university students from North America worked together for a year on an exhibit on Fr. Luigi Giussani. The result was 21 panels showing how his experience continues to shape theirs today through an ongoing companionship.

(L-R) Joseph Weiler, John McCarthy, Cristophe Pierre and Sayyid Mohammad Baqir al-Kashmiri at the New York Encounter. Photo by Nick Erickson

Reaching Young People Who Have Left the Church

From the PressChristopher White

"In a time of deep tribalism in our country, this event managed to offer a rare glimpse of unity and an attractive alternative to the fragmentation that defines our present age." Christopher White reflects on his coverage of the 2018 New York Encounter.

The Brooklyn Bridge

New York Encounter: The Message of Pope Francis

Current EventsCardinal Pietro Paolin

From January 12-14 the tenth edition of the New York Encounter will be held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan. This year the event is titled "An 'Impossible' Unity." Read the message of Pope Francis, sent by Cardinal Pietro Parolin.

Filmmaker Deniz Demirer and moderator Simonetta D'Italia. Photo by Migi Fabara Martinez

A Gaze in the Crowd

US, UK and MoreJennifer Andersen

"Films not only show the beauty of the world, they express our longings--those we often don’t face or can’t understand in our everyday lives." Filmmaker Deniz Demirer wraps up the 2018 New York Encounter with a journey through movie scenes.

Tabla at the Amaradewa concert. Photo/Flickr

The Power of ... We!

US, UK and MoreEllen Bauman

"I didn’t speak their language, I didn’t talk about religion with them, I don’t look like them but something I did with my instrument made them cry." A witness at the 2018 New York Encounter by tabla maestro Sandeep Das on music inspiring connections.

(L-R) Professor Joseph Weiler, Professor John McCarthy, Archbishop Christophe Pierre and Sayyid Mohammad Baqir al-Kashmiri. Photo by Nick Erickson

Abraham and the Birth of the "I"

US, UK and MoreStephen Adubato

Representatives of the three main monotheistic religions shared their views at the 2018 New York Encounter on the relationship between God’s involvement in human history and the discovery of one’s own identity.

(L-R) Paige Sanchez, Dr. Margaret Laracy, Tom Cornell and Cardinal Timothy Dolan. Photo by Felicia Di Salvo

On Pilgrimage Toward Unity

US, UK and MoreOlivia Martin

"A religious odyssey and a journey." The life of Dorothy Day and its "impossible" unity at the 2018 New York Encounter with Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Dr. Margaret Laracy and Tom Cornell.

(R-L) T.J. Berden, Patrick Tomassi and Joe Bowen backstage before the event. Photo by Maria Ramos

Let Me Feel the Lack

US, UK and MoreClaire Vouk

A conversation at the 2018 New York Encounter examining the almost endless cycle of lack, desire and fulfillment in Terrence Malick's films. Participating were T.J. Berden, Joe Bowen and Patrick Tomassi.

Luigi Giussani at the Portofino lighthouse with students. © Archivio CL / Lapresse

A Human Gaze, A History

US, UK and MoreDavid Paradela

A presentation of Alberto Savorana's "The Life of Luigi Giussani" at the 2018 New York Encounter through eyewitness accounts by the Rev. Pigi Bernareggi, Pier Alberto Bertazzi, Shodo Habukawa, Rose Busingye, Jonathan Fields and Margaret Stokman.

Molly Ronan (left) and Kenneth Genuard accompanied by an ensemble of strings, woodwinds and percussion. Photo by Elisa Zocchi


US, UK and MoreAndrew Hamm

Three dramatic stories of relationships with fathers that irrevocably changed the lives of their children accompanied by newly composed music by Jonathan Fields and Chris Vath at the 2018 New York Encounter.

Elizabeth Anderson backstage before her lecture. Photo by Migi Fabara Martinez

In the Middle of the Path of our Life

US, UK and MoreJulia Bolzon

A commentary on the accessibility of "The Divine Comedy" by stay-at-home-mom Elizabeth Anderson, Ph.D., co-sponsored by the Well-Read Mom reading group at the 2018 New York Encounter.

(R-L) John Poch, 2018 Poetry Contest runner-up, James Davis May and Edward Hirsch. Photo by Kara Hand

How to Fall in Love with Poetry

US, UK and MoreKaylana Sareen

“Poetry offers an alternative to the brutal discourse.” Poets Edward Hirsch and James Davis May discuss poetry as a medium capable of creating unity in this polarized world at the 2018 New York Encounter.

(L-R) Anujeet Sareen, Professor Amitai Etzioni Professor and Mark Lilla. Photo by Patrycja Janowski

Out of Many, One: Really?

US, UK and MoreElena Neuzil

A dialogue with professors Mark Lilla and Amitai Etzioni at the 2018 New York Encounter on the state of American society. How has it gotten here? Where and how can it move forward?