ENCUENTROMADRID: The adventure of trust

Current EventsMaría Serrano

The Spanish event was held online from November 19-22. Meetings, performances, exhibitions, and ‘reliable’ witnesses. “We have been able to verify that trust is possible and reasonable because reality is not absurd, but reveals a meaning.”

Rafael Gerez

EncuentroMadrid: "A window of hope"

Current EventsElena Santa María

From November 19 - 22 a special edition of EncuentroMadrid will take place online. Meetings, dialogues and exhibitions will focus on the title chosen for 2020: "What can we trust in?". An interview with its president, Rafael Gerez.

At the New York Encounter

New York Encounter 2020: "Crossing the Divide"

Current EventsLisa Lickona

In the heart of Manhattan, twenty-four meetings in three days, including exhibitions and performances: “I know that I will find something here that sustains me, something I will find nowhere else.”

The exhibition about Job at Rio Encontros (Photo by Rodrigo Canellas)

Brazil: Who has begotten the drops of dew?

Current EventsIsabella Alberto

Young Francisco Cantero Burroni in a wheelchair, a Bishop from the Amazon and those who assist victims of violence and the guilty. A chronicle of Rio Encontros: two days in front of the cry of Job (and ours), between pain and daily rebirth.

One of the talks at Meeting Lisbon

Meeting Lisbon: "I wish I could hear someone’s human voice"

Current EventsJoana Ramos and Maria Durao

The cry of Job, indie rock, a doctor on vacation who enters by chance, the President of the Republic... A chronicle of Meeting Lisbon by those who organized it: "We only carry four loaves and two fish".

Encuentro Santiago 2019

Chile: If a good for all were built in Santiago

Current EventsEduardo Fredes Seleme

At Encuentro Santiago the violence and chaos of the last years are still in people’s eyes. But, this weekend, in the South American capital, there was talk of dialogue, education and the encounter with diversity. In a setting of music and exhibitions.

The meeting with Azurmendi, Franceschini e Cotelo

EncuentroMadrid 2019: Have we found our human face?

Current EventsElena Santa María

A weekend full of encounters, conversations and dialogues. From protagonists of the Bible to the legacy of Václav Havel, from the challenge of school to the drama of forgiveness. The same question emerges: where is the 'I' born?