The Spiritual Exercises of the university students of CL

Clu exercises: the difference in the eyes of Arva


Ilaria returns from the weekend of the CLU exercises in Rimini. Her Albanian roommate welcomes her. She recounts what she experienced: the lessons, the songs, the testimony... And she asks her friend: "What about you?"

The city of Chiclayo, in Northern Perù

Perù: "I was struck by the intensity of their lives"


Jessy, a university student in Chiclayo, in the north of the country, talks about how she met the university students of CL. Life, friendship, and a commitment to deepen their faith. A simple description of the experience of the movement.

Photo by Jean-François Bigras.

CLU Vacation: An Invitation to Wonder

SchoolDominique Robb

On May 24-30, university students from the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico gathered in Colorado for the annual CLU vacation. The focus of the six days was "the impact with the real."