The Spiritual Exercises of the university students of CL

Clu exercises: the difference in the eyes of Arva


Ilaria returns from the weekend of the CLU exercises in Rimini. Her Albanian roommate welcomes her. She recounts what she experienced: the lessons, the songs, the testimony... And she asks her friend: "What about you?"

The city of Chiclayo, in Northern Perù

Perù: "I was struck by the intensity of their lives"


Jessy, a university student in Chiclayo, in the north of the country, talks about how she met the university students of CL. Life, friendship, and a commitment to deepen their faith. A simple description of the experience of the movement.

Photo by Jean-François Bigras.

CLU Vacation: An Invitation to Wonder

SchoolDominique Robb

On May 24-30, university students from the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico gathered in Colorado for the annual CLU vacation. The focus of the six days was "the impact with the real."

Photo by Tommy Vince.