Syrian Children

Happy Easter


Fr. Ibrahim Alsabagh of Syria witnesses to the miracles he has witnessed in his war torn country in this Easter greeting.

Damascus, Syria. Wikimedia Commons

We continue to pray. Our story in Syria is not over

WorldIbrahim Alsabagh

The drama of the civil war in Syria has intensified in the last month, especially in the city of Ghouta, located 20 km from Damascus. Parish priest of Aleppo, Father Ibrahim Alsabagh, and other religious in the area talk about the situation.

The roof of the cathedral where ISIS snipers were stationed. Photo by Stefano Melgrati

Iraq: Return to Qaraqosh

Current EventsLiliana Faccioli Pintozzi*

The refugees from Erbil re-turn to their homes. But how can they begin again? Today, in this story written in arms and oil, there is "a decisive front" which also passes through the AVSI Tent Campaign.

The Tamras family before the kidnapping.

The Beginning of Peace

WorldAnna Leonardi

The story of the Tamras family: the night of the attack, the imprisonment, and the faith of three kids together with their father and grandfather while their mother negotiated with one of the militants.

Standing in Solidarity with Syria and Iraq


A look into the "plight of Christians in Syria and Northern Iraq, where war against ISIS and other extremist groups has persisted for the last six years."

Syria, Buccellatis and friends: a Crossroads


On April 20th, Houston Crossroads Cultural Center hosted noted archeologists Giorgio and Marilyn Buccellati for a lecture at the Houston Museum of Natural Science....

Damascus, Syria. Wikimedia Commons

Return to Damascus

WorldLuca Fiore

The friendship with an Italian colleague. Then in Russia, the meeting with the CL community. The story of how Soulaiman, a doctor, chose to return to the country at war so that his childhood friends could come to know what had changed his life.

Your Grace is More Valuable


Give up the Christian faith, pay taxes to the Islamic State, which actually means to lose basic rights, leave “the land of Islam” behind or die beheaded...

The Middle East in Texas


I remember my awe at a faith that can save all things. A faith that turns our eyes away from nothing, but proclaims God’s name in all things...

(L-R) Archbishop Amel Nona, Marta Zaknoun, Fr. Pier Battista Pizzaballa. Photo by Emily Marsolek

Your Love is Better Than Life: Christians
in the Middle East

US, UK and MoreMaura Kate Costello

Despite the rise of terrorism and Civil War in the Arab Spring, certainty and joy dominate local Christians. Archbishop Amel Nona and Fr. Pier Battista Pizzaballa shared stories of hope and freedom in the Middle East at the 2016 New York Encounter.

Mary and Child, Sinai. Via Wikimedia Commons

We Love Life More than They Want Death

WorldGiancarlo Cesana and Davide Prosperi

"Is there a good to give our lives to that is greater than the evil that denies life?" We publish a reflection on the recent terrorist attacks in Madrid, London and Paris.

Witness of the Franciscan Superior of the Holy Land


The 16th annual gathering was entitled For Freedom Set Free. Fr. Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Custos of the Holy Land was among the invited speakers and addressed the timely topic “Christians in the Middle East: What future, what hope?”

Syrian and Iraqi refugees arrive in Greece. Photo by Ggia via Wikimedia Commons



During his US trip, we heard Pope Francis give a powerful plea to our nation on behalf of refugees, urging us not to be taken aback by the great numbers but to always treat displaced people as human beings.

Fr. Ibrahim Alsabagh, 44 years, Franciscan of the Order of Friars Minor in Custody of the Holy Land. Traces

The Fragrance of Christ Amidst the Bombs

Current EventsIbrahim Alsabagh

Excerpts from the presentation by Fr. Ibrahim Alsabagh, pastor of Latin Rite Catholics in Aleppo, who told the story of life in the “line of fire.” Just 50 yards from terrorists...

A Christian boy from Mosul who now lives with his family in a camp for refugees in Erbil (Iraq). Traces

A "Redeemed" Gaze

Current EventsCostantino Esposito

Outlook on Syria, the lives of martyrs today and what we can contribute, from the perspective of a “redeemed gaze.” Published below are excerpts from a talk by Fr. Pierbattista Pizzaballa, custodian of the Holy Land

The Human Heart. Flickr

Lisa's Thirst


Here a high school student witnesses to the mercy of God and the positivity of reality in her conviction that even those in ISIS have the same heart as everyone else.

Christian Child in Syria. Traces

They Are Our Martyrs

ChurchDavide Perillo

“They suffer, they give us their lives, and we receive God’s blessing through their testimony.” Pope Francis is asking the world not to turn a blind eye to persecuted Christians.