Luxembourg: the charity “bouncers”

Current EventsPaolo Perego

Simone and his friends have lived in Luxembourg for some years now. During lockdown, they realized that there is a food distribution service for the poor in the parish. It is an opportunity to resume charitable work, and to learn again what it really is.

One City Mission volunteers with the homeless in New York

“Something for the heart”

US, UK and MoreDavide Perillo

The experience of the volunteers at One City Mission, who provide companionship to homeless people so that “the whole city experiences the human.” From the June issue of Traces, a story born of an encounter, shaped by the Franciscan brothers of the Bronx.

New York Encounter audience members give a warm round of applause to the panelists of A Love Without Boundaries. Photo by Kara Hand

Love Without Boundaries

US, UK and MoreClare Chiodini

The Rev. Pigi Bernareggi, Rose Busingye and the Rev. Solanus Benfatti, C.F.R., recounted their works for the poor and the sick in Brazil and Uganda at the 2018 New York Encounter.

The St. Paul, MN, community shared Christmas caroling.

A Joy that Overflows


A group of friends in St. Paul, MN, go Christmas caroling. "Today I was reminded of the effect of the Incarnation in our friendship: a joy that deepens our companionship and opens it to the whole world."

AVSI Tents


Last Saturday, November 19, Charitable Work took an unusual form for the people of the CL community of South Bend, IN...

Brunch for a Friend


Jeremy is a 37 year old married man and father, recently diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer. A small group of us did a fund raising brunch in our parish for this not-so-well-known family in our parish. This is my reflection of how the day went.

GS kids from the London community

Where the Game is Played

WorldAnna Leonardi and Paolo Perego

In Montreal, London and Germany … A journey to GS communities around the world to catch how these kids deal with everyday life with a challenge: “To see if what we have encountered really has to do with everything.”

Charitable Work in the O.C.


Saturday we went to San Clemente to participate to an event of charity called Feed the Needy. I want to thank Joe so much for inviting us and to share with you what happened...

Gianna (second from the right) and her friends. Traces

A Charitable Work Called "Gianna"

WorldAnna Leonardi

Every week for years, a group of friends visited Gianna in the psychiatric institute of Karaganda. “It turned out that we were the ones who were the objects of her tenderness.”

Ugandan Students. Traces

Whether I Laugh or Cry, I Want to be Here

SchoolAlessandra Stoppa

This article describes a bit of the three days spent visiting the CL community of Kampala, a small group of people who are like water boiling in a pot where, if it is not one person it is another who awakens and reawakens the person close by.