Brunch for a Friend

Jeremy is a 37 year old married man and father, recently diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer. A small group of us did a fund raising brunch in our parish for this not-so-well-known family in our parish. This is my reflection of how the day went.

Today was beautiful. I am so happy. I want to make a judgment on this before the week is gone. One thing I know for certain is that charitable work is essential for my life.
Thank you to those who helped prep, serve or cleanup and thank you to those who came to eat and join in fellowship and support of this young family. They felt so embraced. We served nearly 300 people and raised over $4,000 to send with them. Kelly didn't stop smiling. Jeremy was speechless. They said they haven't been on a family vacation for over 4 years and they are tickled to think this might afford them the opportunity. With Jeremy's uncertain future health, this is a great gift for them.

I know for certain it was a great gift to me. The other thing that was so beautiful was the unity I felt among parishioners. With some of the division we have felt in our parish recently it seemed to be all wiped away today. For this I am extremely grateful. I'm thankful for the prompting to say "yes" to this opportunity. I beg for the Grace to remember that charitable work is essential for my heart.

My joy supersedes my fatigue without a doubt and I will face my week differently because of today.