Volunteers at work in the rubble of a village near Chernihiv, Ukraine (Photo: Ansa)

Pope Francis: "No one can be saved alone"

ChurchPope Francis

"The time has come for all of us to endeavour to heal our society" for "a more just and peaceful world, and to commit ourselves seriously to pursuing a good that is truly common." The message for the 56th World Day of Peace.

Pope Francis during the meeting with members of the diplomatic corps at the Holy See (Catholic Press Photo)

Pope Francis: "To weave anew the threads of peace"

ChurchPope Francis

Pope Francis' address to members of the diplomatic corps accredited to the Holy See, wishing "this year to be a call for peace in a world that is witnessing heightened divisions and wars" (January 9, 2023).

Monsignor Alberto Ortega during the meeting

Chile: Peace is the only possible path

Current EventsPaola Giovannetti

A dialogue with the Apostolic Nuncio, Monsignor Alberto Ortega, and a friend who lives a few kilometers from the conflict in Ukraine. The meeting organized by the Chilean community a few weeks ago.

Pope Francis (Catholic Press Photo)

Disarm the heart


"Being peacemakers, being saints, is not our ability, they are gifts, it is one of his gifts, it is grace." Pope Francis' words at the Angelus on Tuesday, November 1, 2022.

(Photo: Catholic Press Photo)

The cry of peace


At the Angelus, Pope Francis' invitation to join spiritually in prayer for peace with Christian churches and communities and world religions, scheduled for October 25 at the Colosseum.

Paolo Pezzi (Foto: Catholic Press Photo)

“The only way out is peace”

ChurchPaolo Pezzi*

Following Moscow's partial mobilization of the army, the Russian Bishops' Conference reiterates the position of the Church's magisterium on war and recalls that the right to conscientious objection must be respected.

Pope Francis at the Angelus (©Ansa)

The Pope: "War is madness!"

ChurchPope Francis

At the Angelus Francis appealed to Putin, Zelensky and the whole world to stop the spiral of violence and death. "War is an error and a horror" (St. Peter's Square, October 2, 2022)

Fr. Luigi Giussani

War and Mercy

Current EventsLuigi Giussani

Although the scenario is different, we re-propose the words of Fr. Giussani on the war in Iraq (Corriere della sera, April 8, 2003), as a contribution to the judgment on the current situation in Ukraine.

A woman fleeing at the border of Medyka (Photo: Attila Husejnow/Sipa USA/Mondadori Portfolio).

CL with the Pope: No to the war in Ukraine

Current Events

The statement released by the movement regarding the conflict. "We are with all those who are working to stop the horror of this war. But how fragile is the desire for peace if it does not become a task, a daily responsibility."