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"That whisper that sweeps cynicism away"

WorldPaola Bergamini

In the last few months, recent medical school graduates have found themselves catapulted into the hospital in the midst of a state of emergency. What have they seen and experienced? Some of them have told us, like Melisa, a first-year graduate resident.

Latin America: The sky in our home

Current EventsLiziane Bittencourt and Débora R. Cavalieri

Is quarantine a prison or a window onto the world? A group of friends has not missed the chance presented by lockdown to go to the depth of their experience. A small website was born. And a dialogue that has crossed borders.

Carlos Ferreirinha and Julián Carrón

Brazil: "The other and the revolution"

Current EventsIsabella Alberto

Via video link from Milan, Julián Carrón presented his book "The reawakening of humanity" in a dialogue with entrepreneur Carlos Ferreirinha, addressing the "truest questions of man".

A time for me, with you, O Christ


Confinement, the abrupt halt of work, a marriage that begins 24/7, and the inability to feel "useful". But in a homily by Pope Francis, a question that changes the situation: "My daughter, give me your failings.”

One City Mission volunteers with the homeless in New York

“Something for the heart”

US, UK and MoreDavide Perillo

The experience of the volunteers at One City Mission, who provide companionship to homeless people so that “the whole city experiences the human.” From the June issue of Traces, a story born of an encounter, shaped by the Franciscan brothers of the Bronx.

When the heart “thaws”


A literary contest that, beyond all expectations, not even the virus could suspend. And the surprise of "a flower" which, after the prize giving, turned expectations upside down...

Presentation of "Reawakening Our Humanity"

Current Events

An English presentation of Reawakening Our Humanity, with Fr. Julián Carrón and contributions from Rebekah Lamb and Arlene Gallagher, moderated by Giuseppe Pezzini.

I do not give up my heart's thirst for happiness


Isolation and the adventure of distance learning. The desire to accompany each other and the inability to help friends. And the inexplicable, but real evidence of a "constant backdrop of joy and certainty".

 The distribution of medical supplies in Nairobi

Kenya: The horizon is beyond the village

Current EventsLuca Fiore

Lockdown in Nairobi and a nationwide curfew. The fruits of so many years of work that has set a people back in motion within their territory. The first in a series of contributions about the Coronavirus emergency from the areas in which AVSI operates.

"Who are You, Jesus?”


Reality that seems to contradict the desires of the heart. Pain visible everywhere and the mystery of reality that escapes the capacity of understanding. But a simple gesture reawakens Alberto's humanity, and a request arises.

“This is how my «yes» saves the world”


Her lockdown began well before the Coronavirus outbreak, with a change of job and the many questions that exploded in the face of fatigue. Yet, in the midst of all this, it is possible to live “peace”, as Barbara recounts from Nigeria.

The Zoom that gets you back into the game


Her mum is in hospital in a critical condition. An evening of singing with GS students dissuades resignation. "Young people who, seemingly, have nothing to do with me."

The Cascinazza monastery

A continuous “Here I am”

EncountersPaola Ronconi

From the May issue of Traces, Fr. Sergio Massalongo, the prior of the Cascinazza monastery, explains how in his experience “our yes to Christ is, before all else, our contribution to the salvation of every man and woman today.”

Giacomo Poretti (Photo: Serena Serrani).

Giacomo Poretti: "Let us learn to accept the unexpected”

EncountersPaolo Perego

He fell ill and experienced fear and uncertainty. The famous Italian actor talks about his personal journey and the challenges posed in the ebook "Reawakening Our Humanity.” Faith? "It must be conquered every day. It is an experiment in love."

Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, Archbishop of Bologna

Out of torpor: The dialogue between Zuppi and Carrón

Current EventsStefano Filippi

In a meeting about the pandemic, the Archbishop of Bologna spoke about himself and how he has been experiencing the health emergency. A dialogue with two voices - different and consonant - in the company of Abbé Pierre, Paul Claudel and Etty Hillesum.

The tools He gives me


Isolation measures have dramatically changed everyone's working circumstances. But one thing has not changed: "His alliance, His preference, the treasure to be sought."

Maurizio Maggiani (Photo: Valerio Pennicino/Gettry Images)

Maurizio Maggiani: Life Changes

EncountersAlessandra Stoppa

Now that reality has been shattered, after a period in which we thought nothing could be greater or better than the world we had built, we find ourselves at the edge of a cliff. From May Traces, a conversation with author Maurizio Maggiani.

Deacon Michael's ordination announcement

In This Concrete Companionship


Deacon Michael discovers that his ordination will be delayed due to COVID-19. How will he face this new reality?

Bread, fish and school that is alive


The coronavirus tsunami has turned the lives of students and teachers upside down. What do we do? Small steps, made up of computers and video-lessons, between doubts and attempts. And that screen that gradually fills up with faces.