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"Changed by a message: “God is there””


In Uganda, as throughout the world, measures to contain the epidemic are blocking activities and social life. And yet, between solitude and sadness, a text message is enough to change things.

Pupi Avati (Photo: Meeting Archive)

Pupi Avati: "Me, fear and being able to say ‘I do not know’”

EncountersAlessandra Stoppa

A letter to RAI asking to bet on "beauty", to seize the "the opportunity presented to us during this tragedy." Isolation during the emergency, his story, his relationship with his wife, the Pope. The great Italian director recounts what he is discovering.

Pope Francis during the moment of prayer on March 27

Why did I choose to become a doctor?


Faced with collapse in the hospital, patients who were doing well beginning to die. María sees that she is not made to work like this, in the trenches. Amidst her crying, an essential companionship begins to break through.

Paraguay: proving that life is a gift


From her hospital bed, Adri lives the strangest Easter of her life, but discovers that she is never alone. "Now I can say "yes" again. Before, I could have perceived all this as a streak of bad luck."

Latin America: "Like children before God”

Current EventsPaula Giovannetti

"Why do we not sing together?" A group of friends “meet” online during the Coronavirus crisis “to share, from wherever we are, a treasure.”

In a "Villa" in Buenos Aires

In the "villas", where the community fights the virus

WorldMonica Poletto

Fear in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, between poverty and the impossibility of self-isolation. There, a group of priests takes care of the people. Fr. Charly Olivero recounts their story.

"A step on the journey"


A coronary heart disease makes Roberto particularly at risk during this epidemic, which is raging in Spain. In such rigid isolation, how can one live the sense of belonging that the text of School of Community speaks about?

The new hospital at the Fiera di Milano

"The last word on what happens”


Paolo is on the front line during this emergency, as head of a company that does maintenance for electro-medical equipment. But working non-stop does not prevent him from discovering that "there is something greater than our fear".

Amedeo Capetti

A day in the hospital ward

WorldPaola Bergamini

Expectation and hope in the hospital ward. From April Traces: The story of Amedeo Capetti, an infectious disease specialist at Sacco Hospital in Milan who has been fighting the epidemic on the front lines since it began.

The entrance of the Sacco Hospital
Rosario, Argentina

Where is my consistency?


The economic impact of the pandemic is seriously threatening many jobs and businesses. From the anguish of seeing everything fall apart to the liberation of recognizing that "what defines us is not what we do, but that we have been preferred".

Antonio Polito

Antonio Polito: Fear and Presence

EncountersDavide Perillo

The coronavirus is sending a Western civilization “increasingly indifferent to the very idea of Jesus” into crisis, leaving us at a fork in the road... From April Traces: an interview with Antonio Polito, columnist for Corriere della Sera.

The April issue of Traces

"Every day he says to me, "Do not be afraid""


Seven hundred employees at home because of the Covid emergency. Life changes. And yet, amid the worry, "the opportunity to live the real intensely” reappears every morning.

Waiting for good news


After the eight o'clock applause of gratitude from the balconies, a group of friends begin to sing from their balcony. Neighbours begin to send them messages and gifts... In the midst of the drama, the announcement of an unyielding hope.

"The eyes of God upon my people"


Forty-five coffins instead of pews in a parish in Bergamo. The story of a journalist called to recount the drama of his people: "You are not alone, you are not abandoned...".

"What am I missing by staying home?"


Restrictive measures in Uganda too. The university is shut and exams “avoided”, now internet and relaxation. "An almost perfect situation in some ways, except not being able to go out," Marvin thought, "until my heart started crying out..."

"One who changes the instant”


Coronavirus in Perù, in the cancer wards. And then at home, among family members, thinking about friends and relatives in Spain and Venezuela. Silvia recounts "the path of holiness to which we are all called".

"That is why I can love the sea"


The year did not start well for Davide. Illness that shook him and his family. Then, Coronavirus and a foggy future, wrecking schemes and plans. "Yet, I did not drown”.

Enrico's discoveries


Work in a hospice in Florida, life at home, away from Italy. And the lockdown, between anxiety caused by the news and the discovery of a certainty without which everything is just "a burden in my heart".

"The yes that saves the world”


He is a doctor who deals with cancer patients, fighting every day to protect them from the virus. And a smile towards the relatives who wait, "not out of politeness, but out of gratitude." Another letter from the "front line".

How can Christ prevail in my life?


Faced with the fact that the virus has redefined every aspect of life, a question arises: how can the presence of Christ prevail so that it is Him who defines every moment?