Latin America: "Like children before God”

"Why do we not sing together?" A group of friends “meet” online during the Coronavirus crisis “to share, from wherever we are, a treasure.”
Paula Giovannetti

These days in quarantine have emphasised our need for friendship, for beauty, for true relationships, that stretch the distance. When Marcela Bertelli wrote to ask: "Why do we not sing together? From our own homes, given the circumstances...," I immediately replied yes. Because we need it.

What songs express what we are living now? I immediately thought of Violeta Parra, Volver a los 17, because, in my opinion, it reflects our fragility, which is so evident right now.

"To be all of a sudden as fragile as a second, to once again feel so deeply like a child facing God…” These days, it is increasingly clear that our life is fragile, but wants to be sustained by an immense embrace. We are like children before God.

Then, Marcela suggested Todo cambia, a beautiful song by Julio Numhauser: "But my love does not change, no matter how far away I am, nor the memory or pain of my town, of my people…” Because it is not distance that defines our relationship, but love. And this love is a treasure that we share wherever we are.

With this certainty, we began to think about some great friends that we knew were in harmony with us. Friends we need in our lives: Javier, Cae, Catalina, Carlos (who edited the video), Carolina, Alejandra, Andrea, Tatá, Nane, Chico Lobo, Lalo, Santiago, Álvaro, Freddy, Francisco, Ney and Helena, Carol.... Everyone said yes, and it was a sign that we belong to a people that places Beauty at the center of friendship.

As we were connecting, happy to be one in front of each other, we thought immediately of another song: Romaria: "Since I do not know how to pray, I just want to reveal my gaze.” Together, we want to ask that Our Lady illuminate all the darkness in our lives. Because asking is the most realistic attitude for the children that we are, before God.

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We began to sing the first song. With a few mistakes and imperfections here and there, but with the deepest desire for a Beauty that reaches everyone, that comes back to unite us in an embrace that crosses all distances.