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Latin America: When quarantine “sounds” better


From seven countries, connected by WhatsApp and Zoom. What unites a group of university students is their great passion for music. And an unexpected new friendship is born from a question: "Who do we do it for?"

Towards Aparecida

Latin America: A companionship "on the road"


Only four of them were able to undertake the annual university students' pilgrimage to Aparecida. But with them, connected via video link, were dozens of friends from nine countries. "Following a "yes" that has made the Ideal that has reached us flesh."

Latin America: "Like children before God”

Current EventsPaula Giovannetti

"Why do we not sing together?" A group of friends “meet” online during the Coronavirus crisis “to share, from wherever we are, a treasure.”

The hike during the Chilean community's vacation

Chile: Where dignity becomes custom?

Current EventsPaula Giovanetti

The street protests are behind us. The CL community gathers for their summer vacation. Days in the company of Beethoven, the Unnamed and missionary Karoline Mayer. To surprise themselves again with a different way of being together.

The presentation of "Where is God?" in Rio

Brazil: "Jesus, the most human man who ever lived”

Current EventsIsabella Alberto

In Rio de Janeiro, the presentation of the Portuguese edition of Julián Carrón’s “Where is God?”. Alongside Marco Montrasi, the national responsible of CL, was businessman Pedro Solomão. The result? An intense dialogue, even with the audience...

The GS students on a hike

GS Argentina: The encounter and the colors that God uses

SchoolFernando Pérego and Cecilia Porfirio

Five days in the Sierra near Buenos Aires. A breath of fresh air from the violence and drama in which they are immersed. And the possibility of change, both for them and for their country.

Paraguay: when the heart overlooks the ocean


The CL young workers’ holiday in the mountains, which are reflected in the Atlantic. A beauty before their eyes that ignites a certain nostalgia and, at the same time, a fullness.

Silvia in Parintins

Brazil: friendship along the river


A few days of vacation are an opportunity for Silvia to go to the Amazon to visit some friends who had ignited curiosity in her. This is what she brought home from Parintins.

The Brazilian border crossing at Pacaraima (Photo: Francesco Pistilli for AVSI Foundation in Brazil)

Brazil: A door that welcomes

Current EventsJulián de la Morena

Everyday, 500 of them come on foot, by bike, by bus. These are the Venezuelans who, on the run, arrive at the Pacaraima border. As Camus would say: "They are placed halfway between misery and the sun."

Julián de la Morena

Latin America: Mission is a heart that speaks unto another heart

WorldJulián de la Morena

The responsible of CL in Latin America has been traveling, for ten years, throughout the Latin world, from the U.S. border to Tierra del Fuego. He's only at home ten days each month, but he says that "my task is, first and foremost, contemplative".

El Salvador: Everything was born from an initial ‘yes’

WorldCarlos Fernández

On the plane, leaving his country, Carlos was crying and trembling with fear. Thirteen years later, he discovers what God has done with his fragile yes. “If you eat, if you drink, if you live, you are doing mission.”


Amazonia/4: The treasure of a wise man

ChurchJulián de la Morena

Venezuela, on the slopes of Mount Roraima, Theodore and his Catholic people hadn’t seen a priest for a long time. The story of a casual encounter and the beginning of a friendship.

In the village of Matazanis, in Chiapas, Mexico

Amazonia/3: Waiting for Jesus to knock on the door

ChurchJulián de la Morena

In Chiapas, a village of Native American farmers, several hours by jeep from "civilization". People, from the mountains, gather to welcome a priest who comes to celebrate Holy Week.


AMAZONIA /2: The potter and what Nietzsche could not have imagined

ChurchJulián de la Morena

Guillermina lives in Ocotlán de Morelos, Mexico. She is a craftswoman with ten children. "Clay is earth, water, fire and air, but without me it's nothing. When I have a mass of clay, I pray and do not use moulds.” This is what her work teaches her.

Fr. Julián de la Morena in Chiapas, Mexico

Amazonia /1: "I, modern traveller, amongst the indigenous"

ChurchJulián de la Morena

“We have come to contemplate the peoples”, said Francis, at the opening of the Synod. In a series of articles, Julián de la Morena, missionary in Latin America, recounts his encounters with indigenous Christians. Simple people, but of great human stature.

The city of Chiclayo, in Northern Perù

Perù: "I was struck by the intensity of their lives"


Jessy, a university student in Chiclayo, in the north of the country, talks about how she met the university students of CL. Life, friendship, and a commitment to deepen their faith. A simple description of the experience of the movement.