Mireille Yoga at the Edimar Center in Yaoundé, Cameroon

"The same things I live for”


An initiative for the AVSI Tents Campaign that due to the pandemic had to be thought out in a new format. Yet it surprised everyone, from the organizers to the three hundred people connected online to listen to our friend Mireille from Cameroon.

AVSI tents: During the pandemic, with the most vulnerable families

Current EventsMaria Acqua Simi

From support in developing countries to Italy affected by Covid, where poverty has increased in the last year. AVSI is supporting the work of organizations that already operate in various regions to help five thousand families.

Photo: Avsi/Andrea Signori

AVSI tents: A fruitful coexistence for Lebanon

Current EventsGiorgio Paolucci

A project for the 2020 Campaign in a country affected by Covid and a deep socioeconomic crisis. In the refugee camps, work is being done to allow people to restart.

Photo: AVSI

AVSI tents: Mexico, saved by the beast

Current EventsDavide Grammatica

Crammed into a freight train running north to escape violence in their countries. Thousands of minors from Central and South America are stranded at the US border. Another project from this year’s campaign.

Photo: Aldo Gianfrate/Fondazione Avsi

AVSI tents: Proximity is not measured with a ruler

Current EventsMaria Acqua Simi

The campaign to support six projects in Italy and around the world has been launched. "Ensuring safety does not mean ceasing to be surprised by the need of the other".