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UK: Ex umbris et imaginibus in veritatem

Current EventsMichela Young

In celebration of the canonization of St. John Henry Newman, the UK CL community organized a pilgrimage to the Birmingham Oratory, home to Newman for forty years. An opportunity to get to know better our first English Saint of the modern era.

John Henry Newman. Illustration by Roberto Abbiati.

Newman’s living idea

ChurchGiuseppe Pezzini

He is the first English saint of the modern age. From the October issue of Traces, Professor Ian Ker, the leading expert on Newman's life and work , presents a portrait of the man, intellectual, pastor and prophet of the contemporary church.

John Henry Newman

Cor ad cor loquitur part III: Newman's third conversion

ChurchGiuseppe Pezzini and Michela Young

For the occasion of the canonisation of John Henry Newman on 13th October, we re-propose extracts from the Newman exhibition, which developed Pope Benedict XVI's reading of Newman's life as a threefold journey of conversion. A journey for us all.

John Henry Newman. Wikimedia Commons

Newman: The Journey of a Complete Man

ChurchTommaso Ricci

Theologian, poet, philosopher, vicar of the University Church, Oxford, then a convert to Catholicism, he always defended (true) reason. As he taught, you don’t need to see America to know it’s there. A profile of the Cardinal beatified by Benedict XVI.