The conference “Allowing the human to grow: today’s educational need” at the Catholic University in Milan

Milan: The risk of educating "for real"

SchoolPaolo Perego

The last step on a journey that began three years ago to deepen a topic dear to Fr. Giussani: education. Five testimonies from the world of education in dialogue with Cardinal Angelo Scola.

Rector Franco Anelli and Cardinal Scola
The meeting "The value of the person" in Novosibirsk (Photo: Kirill Kanin)

Siberia: "The heart of the problem is love”

Current EventsDmitrij Kholyavchenko

In Novosibirsk, a public conference on "education as an encounter”. Testimonies from Uganda, the drama of AIDS, the Russian school system, freedom of education. The story of those who, precisely through an encounter, discovered themselves to have faith.

Matteo Severgnini
Pope Francis

Pope Francis: “An educational alliance for a new humanism”

ChurchPope Francis

From a commitment to guard our "common house”, declared in Laudato Si’, to a declaration to eliminate discrimination, signed in Abu Dhabi. Challenges that can be overcome by focusing on education. The Pope launches a global event for 14 May, 2020.