Bethlehem (Photo: Unsplash/Jorge Fernández Salas)

Supreme affection


The nostalgia for distant relationships and her decision to follow online. From Bethlehem, Caterina recounts her experience of the Audience with Pope Francis. From the November issue of Tracce.

Pope Francis' letter

The Audience: The Pope's letter


In St. Peter's Square on October 15, Davide Prosperi delivered a letter of thanks to Francis. Here is the Holy Father's response

(Photo: Giovanni Dinatolo)

"Do not stop on the threshold”

Current EventsDavide Perillo

There were 250 people from the Portuguese community at the audience on October 15. Among them were 40 university students, along with entire families. Here they recount how they prepared themselves for the audience.

The Shrine of Nobol (Guayaquil) in Ecuador

Asking for an entire people


A pilgrimage to the Nobol Shrine and then the live broadcast watched together via Zoom at 3 a.m. This is how the community in Ecuador experienced the Audience with Pope Francis.

Chicchi and Guly in St. Peter's Square (Photo: Leonora Giovanazzi)

"That 'more' that the Pope asks of us"


Guly and Chicchi got married in 2008. Shortly afterwards she was diagnosed with ALS. But in recent years "everything was and is possible through the grace of a people,” like the meeting in St. Peter's Square with Pope Francis.

Pope Francis at the Audience with CL (Photo: Giovanni Dinatolo)

The most beautiful gift in my life


Antonio, from Rome, grew up in religious circles, but "I thought I was on a path of my own." Then he met someone who invited him to the Pope's Audience with CL.

Pope Francis greets Davide Prosperi

The Audience: Davide Prosperi's greeting

Current EventsDavide Prosperi

The President of the Fraternity's words to Pope Francis. And his statement at the end of the meeting in St. Peter's Square.

Pope Francis at the audience with Communion and Liberation (Photo: Giovanni Dinatolo)

The Audience: Pope Francis' words

Current EventsPope Francis

The Pope's address at the audience with Communion and Liberation for the Centenary of Fr. Giussani's birth. St. Peter's Square, October 15, 2022.

The booklet for the Audience

Current Events

The texts, prayers and songs to follow at the Audience with Pope Francis on October 15 in Rome.

Fr. Giussani and John Paul II on May 30, 1998

"The protagonist of history is the beggar"


To prepare for the audience with Pope Francis, we re-propose Fr. Giussani's testimony at the Pope John Paul II's meeting with ecclesial movements and new communities. Rome, St. Peter's Square, May 30, 1998.