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Julián Carrón (Foto: Lupe de la Vallina)

Carrón: "Let us not deflect the impact with reality"

Current EventsSimone Baroncia

How do you conquer fear? What contribution can Christians make? What challenge does this pandemic pose to faith? The president of the Fraternity discusses the themes of his eBook "Reawakening Our Humanity” with korazym.org. Read the interview.

To get to know Christ, sewing masks


"I would like to know more about Jesus..." Elena is startled by her friend’s question, which sets her in motion. Deep down, she says to herself, she shares this same desire. An energy that ends up involving the people in her neighborhood.

Giorgio Vittadini

The renewal of my humanity

WorldGiorgio Vittadini

From the May issue of Traces, Vittadini reflects on the temptation to cling to all sorts of “have to be’s,” his decision to stay in the present at this difficult moment, and his understanding of work as a form of prayer.

The May issue of Traces
The New York skyline

Anne Snyder: "We are in a big delivery room"

EncountersLuca Fiore

She is editor-in-chief of the cultural magazine "Comment" and a keen observer of American society. From her "refuge" in Maryland she says: "Nothing had prepared us for this earthquake of uncertainty. Now we accept the call to change."

Anne Snyder, editor-in-chief of Comment

The need to help and the certainty that sustains life


A group of friends linked to a Cultural Centre decide to financially support local associations dealing with the health emergency. Someone then re-launches Carrón's provocation about the nature of the Common Fund. And their perspective changes.

Peru: spaces of dialogue for the common good


The Coronavirus crisis is beginning to wreak havoc in the business sector and young workers are becoming part of a vulnerable population with a very uncertain future. In the face of helplessness, questions arise and a path opens up.

In the face of uncertainty, hope prevails


After organising a long-desired six-month stay in South America, Davide leaves his country in an extreme situation due to Coronavirus. When he arrives in Uruguay, he finds a reality that is very different from his initial plan.

In the kitchen at "Tina Lesma" in Bresso

In quarantine, surprised by a hundredfold

WorldPaola Bergamini

The virus has also reached the “Tina Lesma” family home in Bresso, with ten guests with mild mental disabilities. Their initial fear and the difficulty in explaining what was happening. "But the struggles have not obscured the good we receive.”

Fr. Pigi Bernareggi

Brazil: The Coronavirus paradox


He has been a missionary in Belo Horizonte for 50 years. Fr. Pigi Bernareggi talks about his gaze upon life during the pandemic. Between existential anguish for the victims and astonishment at how, within such difficulties, humanity can flourish again.

The 2019 Exercises in Rimini

"Silence? It helps me look around”


Rosalba decides to donate the same amount of money to the Common Fund that she would have spent to register for the Fraternity Exercises. Why? "Following the movement, even in this period, I realize everyday what I am experiencing."

School learns to educate again

SchoolLuca Fiore

The health emergency has closed schools, but has not stopped classes. In a meeting organized by the Milan Cultural Centre, teachers and principals talk about the surprises, and the problems, of recent weeks.

"Changed by a preference”


A technician comes to your house to fix the internet. You can watch him, making sure he works and does not steal. Or you can notice “something much more corresponding to me and to that man.”

Alejandro Marius

Venezuela: "A human advantage”

WorldAlejandro Marius

He is in Caracas, with his four daughters. His wife got stuck in Spain when the pandemic broke out. He talks about his “struggle to get her back, but with the peace of mind of being able to live if that did not happen for a while.”

With his wife Alexandra

"What prevails each morning"


A doctor in a Milanese hospital, an unthinkable situation for which he “thought he was prepared.” But instead discouragement and a feeling of uselessness dominated. And yet "I realized with surprise that something within me was resisting."

Fr. Bruno Castricini

"Fr. Bruno and the companionship of the Church"


He was obstinate, sometimes bad-tempered, but full of passion for Christ, who had conquered his life. To the point of making Him known to many through his yes. His friends in Turin remember him after his death.

Seeing Him Happening


At first she resists the restrictions required by the pandemic. But then Elisa recognizes a presence that calls her "out of nothingness."

Valentina Losa

"Work, my daughters and those prayers from Bahrain”

WorldEmmanuele Michela

Valentina runs a small business making trophies and medals for the World Cup, the Champions League, for Middle Eastern royal families. "Everything has now stopped." Except the possibility, starting from faith, "to not let fear get in the way.”

 The World Cup held by Fabio Cannavaro in 2006
Fr. Claudio Burgio

Fr. Claudio Burgio: "Everything will be for the good”

Current EventsGiorgio Paolucci

On the outskirts of Milan, fifty young people from the Kayrós community are living in "cloistered" isolation. What does this mean for them? "In front of certain questions, slogans are not enough," says the founder of the community.

Some of the young people of the community