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Luca Salvi, head of Orthopedics in the at the Alzano Lombardo Hospital

"One last look of tenderness towards those who die alone”

WorldPaola Bergamini

Luca Salvi works at the Alzano Lombardo Hospital (Bergamo), one of the hotbeds of the epidemic. Where everything has changed. From the conception of work to relationships amongst colleagues. "What is happening makes us reflect on our consistency."

"More at risk, but happier”


She has a rare disease that leads to severe immunodepression. The indications are clear: stay locked indoors. But precautions are not enough to overcome fear. And yet...

"I surrendered to gratitude"


Gabriele, from Bergamo, managed to accompany his mother to the cemetery. Almost clandestinely. He thinks about her, about what she left him. But also about our elderly, and why we take care of them. They are our true richness.

"What gives my heart peace”


A young doctor with his questions and fears. Amazement that tears you away from distraction. The desire to be silent. And the need to be "seized" every time...

"If Christ were not here, I would run away”


She's a nurse at the Polyclinic of Milan. Within a few hours, young and inexperienced, she found herself working with intensive care patients. Fear and complaint dominate. Then, after her first shift, something changes...

"Our own step of self-awareness”


They got married, privately, on February 29. Months of planning and preparations went up in smoke. A great sense of injustice. But also the question: "What does the Lord ask of us?"

"Friends are far away. But I am not alone"


The desire for something to overcome loneliness and thoughts. A message that gets you going again. The desire to be open to things that happen. And the discovery that even in a family, "walls" can fall.

Pope Francis

The video of the Pope's Our Father

ChurchPope Francis

The Holy Father prayed, united with Christians of all confessions, for the pandemic-torn world. On Friday 27th, a moment of prayer on the empty sagrata of Saint Peter’s Basilica with the Urbi et Orbi blessing.

The symptom of an underlying anxiety


Elena, in the first few days after schools closed, was busy with a thousand things. Then she realized that in her never stopping, something did not sit right. So she starts a work…

The cry to the only One who can answer


He works in the E.R., in the infectious emergencies area. Sometimes it is tempting to scream and run away. Sometimes there is the surprise of being picked up by a simple message from a colleague.

“Do not despair. Beg"

Current EventsLuca Doninelli

A writer re-reads Carrón's letter on Coronavirus. "I have always thought that I was fearless, but I was wrong”. In those few lines he finds "my drama and everyone's drama intact."

“Be still and know that I am God”

ChurchFr. Mauro-Giuseppe Lepori

The Cistercian Abbot General's letter to the Cistercian communities at the time of the pandemic. "To stop before God means to recognize that his presence fills the instant and thus fully satisfies our heart".

Mauro Magatti

Magatti: "Hope that resists despair"

Current EventsDavide Perillo

A dialogue with a sociologist from the Catholic University in Milan about Carrón's letter on Coronavirus. Fragility, the truth of our lives, the rediscovery of a "common good". And the meaning of an existence that is not self-referential.

Beppe, farmer in the province of Cremona

"Faith puts fear in its proper place"

Current EventsLuca Fiore

Beppe milks 300 cows in the province of Cremona. He talks about his daily life which consists of prudence, prayer and wonder at the things that happen. The dearest thing I have is what is given to me to live everyday".

"The virus? A magnifying glass upon me."


Organizational stress, misunderstandings, patient discomfort. In a ward that has become a field hospital, Luisa feels herself sinking into the difficulties of working as a nurse. And she asks herself: "What changes by being Christian?”

Julián Carrón's letter to the movement

Current Events

All next CL events are suspended. But "nothing can keep us from proceeding on our journey to continue to increase our certainty. Therefore, I pose you the question I intended to use as preparation for the Exercises: “What saves us from nothingness?”