The cry to the only One who can answer

He works in the E.R., in the infectious emergencies area. Sometimes it is tempting to scream and run away. Sometimes there is the surprise of being picked up by a simple message from a colleague.

I have been working in the ER for many years. I have seen all sorts of things and, despite this, I have always been happy to work in a hospital. A few days ago, however, aware that I would soon have to do a shift in the Infectious Emergency Area, where we handle potential and probable cases of Covid19, I was literally distressed.

When I put on all the necessary personal protective equipment, I felt like I was suffocating (it is really hard to breathe in it…), I felt like screaming and running away, so much so that several times I took off my mask with the intention of leaving. A colleague, my sense of responsibility, and the lack of alternatives all made me overcome the deadlock and enter into the tunnel.

The other night, I was due to do a night shift. After a short afternoon rest, I turned my mobile phone on. Among many other messages, there was a message from one of my colleagues who was going to do the shift with me: “Before starting the night shift, I would like to pray with you”. Unbelievable, it is You Christ! I waited for my shift that night with such anticipation!

This epidemic has stripped us all naked, we are poor people, but what an event to find someone who wants to share the cry they hear inside with you. The cry to the only One who can really answer: "Christ who begs for man’s heart, and man’s heart that begs for Christ”.

Signed letter