The 2019 Exercises in Rimini

"Silence? It helps me look around”

Rosalba decides to donate the same amount of money to the Common Fund that she would have spent to register for the Fraternity Exercises. Why? "Following the movement, even in this period, I realize everyday what I am experiencing."

I wanted to make an extraordinary payment to the Fraternity Common Fund equal to the amount of money I would have spent to partake in the Spiritual Exercises, which should have taken place in April in Rimini. But, thanks to Fr. Julián who guides us, it is as though we are still having the Exercises, because I realize everyday what I am experiencing, particularly in this period of Coronavirus. The sentiment and the weeping of my heart, which sometimes surprise me in these very special days, are born from a history of faces that continually come to me, even if they are far away.
Thank you, because silence, to which the movement has called us back many times, has helped me to look more at what is around me: in my family and at work with the kids.

Rosalba, Italy