The need to help and the certainty that sustains life

A group of friends linked to a Cultural Centre decide to financially support local associations dealing with the health emergency. Someone then re-launches Carrón's provocation about the nature of the Common Fund. And their perspective changes.

The evident contingency which we are living has aroused in some friends from our city’s Cultural Centre the need to help associations that are working in our local area to deal with the Covid-19 emergency. One evening, whilst we were connected in a video chat, a friend read us the passage from Carrón's letter from March 23, in which he references the Common Fund. Re-reading together the reasons for adhering to that instrument with which the movement has always educated us to a "communal conception of what one possesses,” we were "torn us away from the nothingness - even if it was good - of our solution", which we had got ourselves into. Our friend's intervention was an opportunity for us to shift the focus of our gaze, rather than the pretext of an "already known" that obstructs.

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How beautiful it was to recognize the need to be educated within our belonging to the charism that has taken us and to feel like members of a single body, because, as Carrón wrote in his letter of March 12: "The certainty that sustains our life is a bond, and there is a journey to make before we arrive at that affective certainty. Circumstances are given to us to help us become more attached to the One who calls us in a mysterious way.”
This is why we have decided to donate the money we have in the cash register of our Cultural Center to the Common fund.

Signed letter