Waiting for good news

After the eight o'clock applause of gratitude from the balconies, a group of friends begin to sing from their balcony. Neighbours begin to send them messages and gifts... In the midst of the drama, the announcement of an unyielding hope.

We are seven friends, young workers, living in a flat in Madrid, in Ferraz street. About ten days ago, we decided to sing two songs from our balcony after the eight o'clock applause for the health workers. We were surprised by what happened on the first day, and we soon realized that what we had just done a little naively was actually something big and beautiful.

The reaction of all our neighbours was the reaction of those who, to their surprise, receive good news, which suddenly penetrates their horizon full of fear, their worries and, in many cases, their loneliness. It was not necessary to talk about it among ourselves, we all wanted to follow this simple initiative. We have been singing two songs every day for ten days, usually one in English or Italian, and another in Spanish, so that our neighbours can sing along with us.

In such a dramatic situation, the only thing we can offer is the beauty of life that has reached us and that finds a wonderful expression in singing. And in such a dramatic situation, the need that we all have comes to the surface, no ideology that can cover it up. One day, after singing, we heard someone knocking at our door, an exceptional event during quarantine. A neighbour had left us a bottle of wine, and had then immediately left so not to violate the rules. After a few minutes, another neighbour called us to give us a bottle of champagne. There are those who communicate their gratitude and curiosity by throwing messages from their balcony. Our upstairs neighbours sent us a note from their balcony that said: "You sing wonderfully! Why?"

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What we can offer is not a perfect performance, but the sign of an unyielding and tireless hope. When we recounted what was happening to some friends in a city in northern Italy, which is very much affected by the virus, their comment was: "We have stopped singing here, out of respect for the victims". After this conversation, we went out onto the balcony with a new question: can I sing, despite being aware of the exorbitant number of victims, of the tragedy and drama that many are already experiencing, and that this moment is not a bold gesture?

Little by little, this daily appointment has become something that both we and our neighbours await. On the day that the clocks went forward, as there was more light, we could see the grateful faces of the people, surprised again by a gesture that, in spite of being daily, is still new. The only possible explanation for this is that He sings along with us. Everyone is happy to receive good news, the news of an unyielding hope, like a song that cannot be silenced.

Davide, Juan, Tiago, Pietro, Giacomo, Marco, Ignacio, Madrid, Spain