"What am I missing by staying home?"

Restrictive measures in Uganda too. The university is shut and exams “avoided”, now internet and relaxation. "An almost perfect situation in some ways, except not being able to go out," Marvin thought, "until my heart started crying out..."

When the university shut, I was supposed to take some exams that weekend, so I celebrated as if my football team had won a cup. I was happy, I would have avoided exams for at least a month: a beautiful thing, I thought, in the middle of the crisis.

I have been home for a few days. The only thing I do is housework, which is not arduous. And the rest of the time I just relax, relax, relax, relax. I have access to the internet, movies, I can watch all the TV channels I want, I have time to talk to my friends in Italy and Spain via skype…It could be an almost perfect situation in some ways, except that I cannot go outside. And this helped me not to get distracted, because otherwise I would have played football every day, from morning to night.

In all this, I began to feel empty, I felt a kind of loneliness: none of these things which I wanted was enough for my heart. My heart began to cry out, and it is still crying out for the meaning of things.

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Now it is clear to me that this is not about avoiding exams or living in an ideal way: I have all that, and, yet, I am more restless than before. It is as if I have all the time in the world to look deep into my heart. It is not a matter of the reality in front of me, but of my heart. And my heart is searching constantly for the meaning of my life. Something that gives value to all the things I do.

Marvin, Kampala, Uganda