(Photo: Catholic Press Photo)

The cry of peace

At the Angelus, Pope Francis' invitation to join spiritually in prayer for peace with Christian churches and communities and world religions, scheduled for October 25 at the Colosseum.

I follow the persistent situation of conflict in Ethiopia with trepidation. Once again, I repeat with heartfelt concern that violence does not resolve discord, but only increases the tragic consequences. I appeal to those who hold political responsibility to put an end to the suffering of the defenceless population and to find equitable solutions for lasting peace throughout the country. May the efforts of the parties for dialogue and the search for the common good lead to a genuine path of reconciliation. May our prayers, our solidarity and the necessary humanitarian aid not fail our Ethiopian brothers and sisters, who are so sorely tried [...]

The day after tomorrow, Tuesday 25 October, I will go to the Colosseum to pray for peace in Ukraine and in the world, together with representatives of the Christian Churches and Communities and world religions, gathered in Rome for the “Cry of Peace” meeting. I invite you to join spiritually in this great invocation to God: prayer is the strength of peace. Let us pray, let us continue to pray for martyred Ukraine [...]

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