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I am sustained by the joy of those I serve


He has been living in Erbil since ISIS occupied his city. He sees the faithful begin to lose their trust, and helps them to find a house and gas to cook... "Here and now, it's more important to stay with them than to say the right words."

Pope Francis praying in Bethlehem, at the wall that divides Israel and Palestine.

A Crack in the Wall

ChurchAndrea Tornielli

With his surprise invitation to the Israeli and Palestinian leaders, Francis undermined every scheme, including politics. Thus, opening the path toward a peace that is “to be built day by day like an artisan.”

Fr. Samir Khalil Samir backstage before "Hoping Against Hope." Photo by Emily Marsolek

Bridge To Dialogue

EncountersAnthony Daqaq

"In the Middle East, the time of the Person has come." A discussion from the 2014 New York Encounter featuring Fr. Samir Khalil Samir and Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete.

Egyptian Marchers. Wikimedia Commons

No Turning Back

Current EventsAlessandra Stoppa

Where is the Middle East heading? Oasis Foundation gathered together experts from the Islamic world and Christians of the East and West to grasp more closely the "watershed" of the insurrections, and the "infinite desire that has begun to move."

Aleppo, Syria. Wikimedia Commons

The Sisters of Syria

ChurchGiorgio Paolucci

In a country wounded by conflict, 6 nuns have made their home on a hill to testify to the "source of peace." We went to see their life, from their Morning Prayer to their handcraft, to learn how it is possible to look at the other "with the eyes of God."

Cairo, Egypt. Wikimedia Commons

A Life You Can Touch

WorldAlessandra Stoppa

From Egypt to the Persian Gulf, we met some Christians living in the Middle East, where the recent bomb attack revealed many wounds, but also a communion that is alive, like that which grew out of the Cairo Meeting.

The Cairo Meeting.

You Have Brightened Egypt

Current EventsDavide Perillo

Volunteers, conferences, exhibitions - The Meeting, as in Rimini, but beneath the Egyptian Pyramids. October 28-29, 2010: an event of dialogue between Muslim professors, future cardinals, Israeli jurists and scores of students.

Arabic Caligraphy. Creative Commons CC0

The Challenge for the Road to Peace

CultureStephen Sanchez

“Reason is the most noble gift given to man by God,” insists Fr. Samir Kahlil Samir, who recently met a packed auditorium at the John Paul II Cultural Center in DC to continue an ongoing discussion on Islam–Christian relations. Here is what happened.

Bethlehem, Palestine. Wikimedia Commons

Where Everything Began

WorldAlessandra Stoppa

From the wall that cuts Bethlehem in two, to the classrooms in the Palestinian universities; the life of men and women who take their faith seriously where the presence of Christ seems to be something frail and hidden–is a challenge for everyone.

A Christian Church in the Holy Land. Wikimedia Commons

Called to Cherish a Presence

Current EventsCarlo Dignola

The life of Christians after the victory of Hamas: the importance of dialogue, the centrality of education, new developments in relations with the Jewish community, and the role of the Franciscans. A conversation with the Custodian of the Holy Land.