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Gianna (second from the right) and her friends. Traces

A Charitable Work Called "Gianna"

WorldAnna Leonardi

Every week for years, a group of friends visited Gianna in the psychiatric institute of Karaganda. “It turned out that we were the ones who were the objects of her tenderness.”

The first electric chair. Via Wikimedia Commons

He First Loved Me

US, UK and MoreSuzanne Tanzi

“The name of God is mercy. There are no situations we cannot get out of: we are not condemned to sink into quicksand.” Suzanne Tanzi shared her insights on the Catholic position in the face of the death penalty.

Antique Map of South America. Wikimedia Commons

Time to Learn


A Church “going out” and unexpected encounters: Julian De La Morena, leader of CL in Latin America, talks about what is changing his life and that of his friends.

Damascus, Syria. Wikimedia Commons

Return to Damascus

WorldLuca Fiore

The friendship with an Italian colleague. Then in Russia, the meeting with the CL community. The story of how Soulaiman, a doctor, chose to return to the country at war so that his childhood friends could come to know what had changed his life.

Mother Mary Angelica of the Annunciation, PCPA. Photo by By Juanpisazusa via Wikimedia Commons

The Spiritual Legacy of Mother Angelica

US, UK and MoreRobert Barron

On the death of Mother Mary Angelica of the Annunciation, founder of EWTN, Bishop Robert Barron commemorated her in an article on her spiritual strength founded in Christ.

Woman with newborn and healthcare provider at the maternity home

St. Kizito Clinic Opens A Maternity Home in Nigeria

US, UK and MoreBarbara Pepoli

Loving Gaze, Nigeria, announced the opening of a 24-hour maternity home St. Kizito Clinic, Jakande Housing Estate, Lekki, focused on professional and skilled care of women and newborns.

Rana Najib with two young girls

The Border Between Night and Day: AVSI in Lebanon

WorldJoshua Stancil

Since 2000, there's been a 41% increase in the number of refugees, with 244 million migrants and displaced persons on the move. Rana Najib, Education Coordinator for AVSI's $10 million operation Lebanon, spoke of this issue in an interview with Traces.

Velikoye, Yaroslavl region (Russia). During the Orthodox Epiphany, the faithful celebrate the Great Blessing of the Waters. Traces

Something Present

EncountersLuca Fiore

Paolo Pezzi, Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Mother of God at Moscow, explains how the embrace between Francis and Kirill in Cuba helps us understand how the Pope looks at the world, politics, and mercy.

Eastern span of the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge. Photo by Frank Schulenburg / CC

What's Behind it All?

US, UK and MoreAlessandra Stoppa

Living the faith in San Francisco, where the most familiar evidences have crumbled and been buried and everything is immersed in a “natural religion.” A testimony from Francesco Boin, doctor and professor at the University of California.

Jonathan Fields. Photo by Brenda Abdelmesih

Seven Original Compositions of the Psalms

US, UK and MoreBrittany Higdon

"The Psalms are a form of dialogue defined by God Himself for His relationship with the people He has chosen … The sweep of the Psalms tells this history with the power of poetic song.” A 2016 New York Encounter concert organized by Jonathan Fileds.

A Blackhawk Helicopter. Wikimedia Commons

An Intensity I had never Seen Before

US, UK and More

She’s a Navy Lieutenant and a Black Hawk pilot. At the Encounter, she coordinated volunteers. Carie Boothe tells the story of how she encountered first, faith, and later, the Movement.

Thomas Jones. Photo by Felicia DiSalvo

The Adventure of Space Exploration

US, UK and MoreClaire Vouk

"This was completely a gift from God. Yes, an accomplishment, but also really humbling." Veteran astronaut Thomas Jones spoke about his adventures in space at the 2016 New York Encounter.

(L-R) Archbishop Amel Nona, Marta Zaknoun, Fr. Pier Battista Pizzaballa. Photo by Emily Marsolek

Your Love is Better Than Life: Christians
in the Middle East

US, UK and MoreMaura Kate Costello

Despite the rise of terrorism and Civil War in the Arab Spring, certainty and joy dominate local Christians. Archbishop Amel Nona and Fr. Pier Battista Pizzaballa shared stories of hope and freedom in the Middle East at the 2016 New York Encounter.

(L-R) Andreas Widmer, Anujeet Sareen and Nancy Albin. Photo by Photo by Margherita Daho

Doing Business in Uncharted Waters

US, UK and MoreNathaniel Hurd

A discussion on entrepreneurship at the 2016 NY Encounter. The Panelists were Andreas Widmer and Nancy Albin with Anujeet Sareen as moderator.

Fr. José Medina. Photo by Margherita Daho

The Land of the Free

US, UK and MoreNathaniel Hurd

“We call this ‘the land of the free.’ Why do you think freedom is so important to us?” Fr. José Medina and Fr. Julián Carrón discuss freedom in the United States at the 2016 New York Encounter.

Exhibit guide leads tour through the Junípero Serra exhibit. Photo by Margherita Daho

¡Siempre Adelante!

US, UK and MoreDamian Bacich

“I wish I could instill in them the great joy that I am experiencing because I believe they would urge me to go forth and never turn back.” Damian Bacich comments on the Junípero Serra exhibit at the 2016 New York Encounter.

Peter Stokman, Cristiano Ferrario and Marc Beauchamp. Photo by Emily Marsolek

From Patient to Friend

US, UK and MoreNathaniel Hurd

"The person is a mystery and my … task is to remain open." Canadian physician Marc Beauchamp shared experiences of personal relationships in the medical field at the 2016 New York Encounter.

(L-R) Peter Fields, Naomi Genuard, Margaret Laracy and Sal Petrosino. Photo by Maria Ramos

What Pixar Teaches us About Growing Up

US, UK and MoreKristin Hurd

Sal Petrosino, Peter Fields, Margaret Laracy and Naomi Genuard discussed the roles and relationship of Joy and Sadness in Pixar's "Inside Out" at the 2016 New York Encounter.

(L-R) Priscilla La Porte, Fr. Peter Cameron, OP, and Joshua Stancil. Photo by Clare Kolars

The Place that God has Lead Me To

US, UK and MoreSuzanne Tanzi

The inviolable authenticity brought by suffering powerfully attests to the fact that suffering that is accompanied, faced, has eternal value." Joshua Stancil and Priscilla La Porte shared experiences of mercy and rebirth at the 2016 New York Encounter.

(L-R) Jeffrey Sachs, Rebecca Cherico and Cardinal Sean O'Malley. Photo by Clare Kolars

Setting out on the Long Path of Renewal

US, UK and MoreDino D'agata

"The relationship between humanity, God, and nature forms one unitary whole." Cardinal Sean O'Malley, Jeffrey Sachs and Rebecca Cherico discussed Pope Francis's encyclical, "Laudato Si," at the 2016 New York Encounter.